Celebrity Reputation Management

Celebrities are brands in themselves and thus paparazzi, broadsheets, as well as their fans have never ending curiosity about their lives. And as any other brand, celebrities also need their reputation to be monitored and managed well. Thanks to the constant rise of the web world, negative content can appear on the internet which is damaging and hurtful for a celebrity. Having said that, "Celebrity Online Reputation Management" is a service which is must have for all of them.

Apart from off-line image management, a celebrity also needs online reputation; as a public personality, they are a brand - and a brands needs management. According to surveys, it takes only six-seconds for news, stories, gossip and rumors to circumnavigate the wired world. Surveys also say that 84% of people read some blogs that talks about celebrities and their lives; and 67% watch webinars, listen to podcast for the same purpose. Being an experienced online celebrity management company , we offer an extensive range of relevant services, and we are discussing them below.

Activities We Take To Safeguard A Celebrity's Reputation:

  • Protecting celebrity brand names - We would take steps to protect a celebrity from bad reviews and safeguard their reputation as a brand.
  • Personalized approach - We will take a personalized approach through our celebrity online reputation management program where the elements like content marketing strategies and social media will be used, but on a more personalized scale.
  • Monitoring - We do both human and machine monitoring to control the online sentiments against the celebrity so that they as a brand face no harm whatsoever.
  • Socially active - We would make you socially active as a brand through popular social site like Facebook, G+, Twitter, YouTube etc.
  • Web weapons - We would also use other web elements like blogs, domains, websites, article sites etc. to populate content that would work as a mouth piece and let people know more about you in a good way.
  • E-monitoring - We are also engaged in e-monitoring where we offer support and counsel on the best way to engage with your reputation-shaping stakeholders.
  • Press release - Maximize the activity of online press release distribution to optimize the possibilities of new media and to increase your exposure opportunities.

To Take It Further..

We broke down our celebrity reputation management tasks into three categories, which are:

  • Monitoring: We keep an eye on gossip blogs, news articles, social media trends and other sources of coverage to see what people are thinking and saying about you; so that corrective measures can be taken to rectify the damage (if any). Additionally, we would also be running a daily digest to extend information about you and your social activities.
  • Sourcing: We also track down the source of a rumor (good or bad) to see who is saying this and why. To track down the source is important to know the motive behind it and further to take initiative to stop it from spreading.
  • Strategy: We work with you closely to understand and strategize what needs to be done to represent you as a brand online, and what role you yourself need to take to make it an easy task to defend the bad reputation (if any).
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