Google Panda Recovery Services

Google Panda update has impacted a number of websites all over the USA & UK since February. Owing to this latest update, the rankings of websites that had duplicate, redundant, low-quality & thin content were reduced, whereas websites that had unique, fresh and concise content started to gain more than expected traffic.

Though Google's Panda update has really hit hard at many websites, websites such as Daniweb is recovering from it.

Google Panda Update

Effected from February 24, 2011, Panda update has almost brought the traffic of millions of high ranking websites to nil. The reason being that either these websites had duplicated and redundant content or their content was thin or low-quality.

Thus, in order to survive as well as acquire higher ranking in the web world, it's must to keep the content unique, fresh and concise. Websites affected most by Panda update are either US-centric or others. All these sites had a drastic reduction in their rankings and dropped somewhere down the obsolete pages of Google.

How to recover from Google Panda Effect?

By doing some smart work by keeping the content fresh, concise as well as unique, a large number of companies have been able to regain the traffic & enjoy their higher rankings on Google. Besides, these companies have acted smartly and logically to ensure their sites continue to receive the same or even more number of footprints without being affected by the latest updates on Panda.

Google's Panda update has led millions of websites to lose their place in top search engine result pages.

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