Google Will Show Local-Specific Phone Numbers With Location Extensions In Ads


Google recently announced a major change for AdWords advertisers. According to the email received by the AdWords advertisers, there are some changes made for the phone numbers that appear in ads. This change of phone number going to create major affects in campaigns that use the call extensions and location extensions.

Previously, Google provided more exposure to the ads by including the location extensions. Through this, the marketers can show their ads in Maps and in Local Finder results. But now, from January 19, 2017, the local retail phone number will also be shown with the store’s location extension in an ad. Even if the campaign call extension has a different phone number that is used for a purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the ads for specific business locations, it showcases the local retail phone number.

Additionally, Google spokesperson reveals that with location extensions, people can find your correct location by viewing your ads with a map, address, and the distance. Moreover, with a single click, people can easily get to your location page, which provides the complete business information to them. Additionally, the location extensions would also have a phone number or call button.


He also added that this two-week notice is released with an aim of creating awareness about this change. Additionally, they are continuously testing on this changes and soon the location-specific phone number may be used in Ads. So, it becomes necessary for the advertisers who have location extensions, ensure that they have updated their accurate phone numbers for each location in the Google My Business listings.


For advertisers with physical location, it will surely create problems because as per the requirements, they pefer calls to a central number or call center. They have done this with an aim of improving the call conversion tracking for an individual location. Although, the advertisers can fill the form and show their local numbers in the location extensions, but it might create a negative impact on the ad impressions. Even the AdWords is now exploring total conversion tracking on the location-specific phone numbers.

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