How The Google 'Possum' Update Works For Local Search Results?

After Panda and Hummingbird, Google has come up with its latest algorithm update 'Possum'.  It is a local algorithm update that is introduced on September 1, 2016. This latest algorithm update has brought a major change to local search, which surely brings good business opportunities for local businesses and for the users. The benefit of Possum update is that it lay more emphasis on the local  location, which helps users to obtain more accurate results related to local business. With this update, Google’s filters focus more on local search then organic search, which makes these two filters perform independently. Additionally, this update creates a huge impact only on the search ranking in the local results or the Google Maps results. It completely diversifies the local search results, as well as to end spam ranking. To make it more clear, here are its benefits.

1. City Outside Businesses Can Get A Huge Spike in Ranking

It's always been a major problem for the city outside businesses to get better ranking in the search results with the keywords that include city name. But now, with Possum update, the businesses can easily get a huge increase in their local ranking.

2. Google Filtering Will Focus More On Address and Affiliation.

Previously, the local filter are used for the local results that provide filtered results only that include only the profiles of a similar phone number or domain. It become a major issue for the business who have different Name, and Phone number (NAP) profile but has similar address.  But now with the Possum update, Google will work more as an organic filter, and select the “best” or the most relevant listing that are quite similar.

3. More Importance Will Be Given To The Searcher Physical Location

Previously, the business doesn't get any ranking in the search results when the users search for it from the farthest locations, which actually affect their business searchability. But now with the Possum update, it's become important to ensure that the searcher location is remain the nearby city while tracking ranking. User can use it Bright Local tool for this.

4. More Variation In The Search Results Due To The Slightly Changed In The Searched Keyword

Usually, the searchers obtain the similar results if they use similar type of keywords. But now with this update, the searcher will get high fluctuation in the search results of similar keywords.

5. Local Filter Perform More Independently From The Organic Filter

Previously, Google filtered out only listed website pages in the organic search which actually create a bad impact on search ranking. But, after the update, the businesses will get a spike in their ranking, even their URL on registered on the GMB listing and have filtered organically. This is possible because the local filter performs more independently from the organic filter.

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