Ninja Guess

About the Ninja Guess:

Ninja GuessTM is a full version puzzle game, that needed a lot of attention, intuition, strategy, and agile finger cutting skills to reveal and guess a way through the game. Ninja GuessTM is a game about saving the girl from Mr Sakamoto or dying without honor. The game features 200 Levels, 10 Countries (Japan, Italy, USA, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, India, South Africa, China), 5 Languages, 3 Different Weapons, 10 Belts (White, Yellow, Orange, Green, etc.)


The objective is to promote the new “Ninja Guess”app among the game freaks across the globe. The game is accessible on Apple and Android touch devices. The primary target was to increase the number of downloads and achieve top rankings in the sports category in iTunes and Google's Play stores.


Our app marketing team formulated a strategy that included press release distribution to highly targeted media resources, contacting iPhone reviewers based of  US and news agencies and getting App Store reviews and rating. The information on the app was also submitted to iPhone related websites, which resulted in additional exposure. Buzz about the app was also created in various social networking websites.

Following this, we performed the following specific tasks during the app marketing also:

  • Submitting app to various mobile app directories and websites for review.
  • Writing and submitting app reviews
  • Classifieds postings
  • App. Video / Advert promotion
  • Forums discussion in versus app related forums

Success Stories:

  • The press release distribution helped the game to be mentioned on many popular iPhone and game review websites.
  • We ensured that the app launch reached out to various app experts, reviewers and developers and generated reviews from them, thereby it has become possible to increase both the visibility and downloads within a short time span.
Last updated : Jan 11, 2013