3 Essential Facts That You Should Know About Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets are considered as a Sneak Preview of google search results. Rich Snippets add an extra information to a search listing and also helps users to find exact information they need. It helps in adding the information like navigation breadcrumbs, event information, customer reviews, product information, etc., which totally depends on the page content.

By: Geeta Tyagi

By using vocabulary from, the webmasters can mark up the web pages and make their websites suitable to display rich snippets in the search results. As the Google didn't promise for the display of rich snippets for any site, the incorporating structured data markup has made it simple for the search engines to crawl, determine and display page content. Knowing the benefits of Rich Snippets, there are still many of misconceptions about it. Here are the three essential facts that you should know about rich snippets.


Google Rich Snippets



1. Rich Cards and Rich Snippets Are Two Different Things


Usually, Google’s Rich Cards are considered as the next step, perform after rich snippets. But it is not so. Rich cards are totally different and have a different place in the SEO ecosystem. Both, Rich Cards and Rich Snippets make use of structured data markup to generate increased SERP displays and show the page content to the Google Search users more appropriately. Although, they have some similarities, but their functionalities and roles are entirely different.

Basically, Rich cards are available at the top of search results in a carousel. As it has limited space in the carousel, it has some restrictions. Although, by providing the preview of top search results, the Rich cards increases the search experience of mobile users.

Rich snippets are more relevant to content types and present in line with ordinary search results.  It helps in increasing the website traffic and convert into more targeted. Even, if the website has the small group of content, it is eligible for rich snippets.

2. Rich Snippets didn’t Affect The Website Rankings


Usually, it is a conception that structured markup will affect the ranking algorithm. But, for making this misconception clear, Google has announced that rich snippets will do not affect site rankings. Although, rich snippets structured data markup does not perform as a ranking signal, but it offers the indirect SEO benefits by making pages more indexable and provided more accurate and targeted metadata.

Although, the On-page behavioral data creates higher user engagement with the web pages and lead to get better rankings, and high traffic to the site. In this, Rich snippets help the users by pre-qualifying visitors. Due to rich snippets, the visitors can easily understand what you do, as well as can even see social proof like reviews right in the snippet. Through Rich Snippets, the eCommerce sites, entertainment sites, etc., can get the pre-qualify traffic, enhanced their user experience, and gain various indirect SEO benefits.

3. Google's Three Tools To Help With Structured Data For Rich Snippets


When it comes to building out and marking up the structured data, it is not easy at all. To overcome these problems, Google provides three free and comprehensive tools that help to test structured data. These tools are:
Structured Data Report
Data Highlighter
Structured Data Testing Tool
Through these tools, the webmasters can identify the website structured data, as well as can develop, test and modify structured markup easily.




If the structured data markup is right, the Rich snippets provide a great visibility to it. All these tools are given by Google, to enhance the advantages of the website. So, just research and find out which snippets work best for you and your website, and gets better organic CTR.

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