How To Create An Effective Facebook Like Campaign

By Jitendra Singh

When it comes to the Facebook Page likes, it helps to build trust of people and make them more interested in your brand, which results in more purchases. But, for making your Facebook campaign a big success, you have to earn Facebook likes. This you can do it by sharing a quality content, and conduct a Facebook Like Campaign. .... Read More

Google To Put Ranking Penalty On The Sites Using Private Blog Networks

By Jitendra Singh

According to the Google update, the sites that are using the Private blog Networks (PBNs) for link building have to pay a massive penalty for it. Even though, with its Google Webmaster Tools, Google has sent widespread manual action notices to these sites for thin content spam. .... Read More

How To Increase Your Search Traffic & Business Leads with SEO

By Jitendra Singh

By using the search engine marketing strategies, the companies are able to generate good website traffic that results in more business leads. To earn more benefits from your search marketing strategies, you can optimize your website and local presence for the organic search results or unpaid searches. Although, SEO completely supports the search advertising, as well as helps to generate a good website traffic and valuable business leads, but there are many other SEO factors that you can work on. Google My Business is one of the SEO factors that are highly used by the companies these days. .... Read More

Why Non-Mobile Optimized Websites Lose Their Valuable Online Customers?

By Jitendra Singh

According to the latest market trend, if you don't have a mobile-optimized website, then you will surely loose some of the valuable business opportunities. To become a top online brand, it is essential that you have a mobile optimized website. It not only allows the desktop & laptop users to access your website, but also encourages the mobile users, which are equally important for your business success. .... Read More

3 Methods To Prepare Yourself For Effective PPC Management

By Jitendra Singh

Many companies prefer to do in-house Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, instead of hiring a PPC service providers for the same. In such a situation, the employees have to learn the PPC fundamentals, and have to implement the knowledge with an aim of getting the desired solutions. But, the major issue comes when the company does not get the returns with such kind of PPC strategy and completely blame the PPC strategy. .... Read More

Why Should You Use The Accelerated Mobile Pages: Top 5 Reasons

By Jitendra Singh

According to the latest market trend, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) has become a necessary part of the website. Basically, AMP is an open-source technology that allows the users to publish mobile-friendly contents on the website pages that helps to load the pages quickly on a mobile device. AMP is can be created with the support of JavaScript library and additional HTML markup. So, if you are still confused that why you should use the AMP technology, then here are the main 5 reasons that you should use it. .... Read More

Important SEO Trends In 2017

By Jitendra Singh

Soon, we will be in 2017. Everyone speculating how will their business perform in the New Year. Everyone is making plans, various tactics and thinking of new ideas to tackle the future uncertainties. The most important thing for the online business, where speculations are unlimited and professionals are making huge plans for 2017, is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is one of the fields that is highly used and constantly developing. If you want to get maximum results from your SEO strategies then you should make these changes in your SEO. .... Read More

6 Essential Points To Consider While Outsourcing SEO Services

By Jitendra Singh

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), most of the companies prefer to outsource the SEO services, instead of building its own digital marketing team. As SEO is really an important segment for a business development, it is difficult to trust anyone without proper investigation. This is a major question for every business that how to select a best SEO Outsourcing company. .... Read More

How To Use Various SEO Tools For Optimizing Your Website

By Jitendra Singh

Having a website is not a big thing, but earning maximum benefits from that website is a major thing, which you need to concentrate on. For this, you need large number of customers that is only possible when you can successfully convert your visitors. It is possible only with proper Search Engine Optimization. .... Read More

8 SEO Principles For The Success Of eCommerce Website

By Geeta Tyagi

In the last few years, the eCommerce business has expanded on a vast scale. As people nowadays prefer using the more online method for making their buying decision, more business have come up with their eCommerce stores in the online market for selling their products and services. But, the major problem which every company encounters is how they can build their top position in the business market? For this, it is necessary the eCommerce business going for the SEO services. An SEO will optimize the eCommerce website, increase its performance, enhance its searchability in the search results, and help the websites to provide an excellent user-experience to their users. .... Read More