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SynapseInteractive is one of best Digital marketing agency which is providing best of internet marketing solutions to the global clients. The 20+ years old organization works on the latest updated trends of various search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo that is changing the needs of general clients. SynapseInteractive is running under the skilled leadership of Mr. Shamit Khemka who heads SynapseInteractive's technical advisory board too.

The company’s technical advisory board essentially focuses on bringing better guidance for the company in areas of online marketing innovation and further planning. Industry pioneers having truly an extended period of time of contribution in supervising advancement business, dealing with overall clients, and creating specific organization which is shaping the advisory board of SynapseInteractive; as suggested by Founder & Director Shamit Khemka.

Founder & Director Shamit Khemka has been a part of the local & regional boards of Entrepreneur Organization (EO). Recently, Founder & Director Shamit Khemka has been appointed as the Regional Director 2014-2016 by EO Global - that adds another achievement to his name. Most importantly, as a member of SynapseInteractive's technical advisory board, from Management Shamit Khemka provides valuable consultation and guidance in spheres of digital marketing to ensure company's better growth & development.

He is also a great leader and visionary and motivates employees at SynapseInteractive to come up with new and innovative ideas.

Owner Shamit Khemka has a rich inclusion in all kind of international businesses, team management, business ownership, project management and e-business. Enterpreneur Shamit Khemka has an impressive once-over of achievements to his name. He has moreover played a leading part in setting up BBS (Bulletin Board System) highlighting email office - the first ever in India.

Shamit Khemka says that Startup India policy unveiled by government of India will make it easy for young ventures to do business in India. He also believes that this will help to flourish the startup space in India.

Achievements of Shamit Khemka

Shamit KhemkaIn the year 1998, Founder & Director Shamit Khemka strove for his next venture, which was India's first ever online database & natural game plan stage made for land and infrastructure range. This natural stage served the needs of a couple Indian organization that were fast to explore the real estate market.

In the year 2000, Leader Shamit Khemka built SynapseInteractive that starting now positions among the best SEO Services Company in India. As the years progressed, IT Stalwart Shamit Khemka's digital marketing company has evolved to become a marketing partner that worldwide businesses can rely upon for their organic & paid marketing needs.

Mentor Shamit Khemka has also been the Director of an INS agency - Bharat Marketing & Advertising. During his tenure at the reputed INS agency, Advisor Shamit Khemka played the main role in many successful national & international ad campaigns. Owing to Founder Shamit Khemka's all round technical proficiency & managerial capabilities, all of his business ventures have been a phenomenal success.

Besides this, Head of SynapseInteractive Shamit Khemka has also been active in conducting training sessions & technical workshops for organizations including National Police Academy, The Scindia School & All Indian Management Association, Microcomputer Users Club, FICCI (FLO), etc.

Shamit Khemka is very hopeful that Startup India campaign launched by Indian government to support startup ecosystem will help many young entrepreneurs.

Web Summit, one of the world's largest tech conference came to India with event named 'SURGE'. Shamit Khemka marked his presence to the event.

Adding another milestone to his social efforts, Mr. Shamit Khemka will now mentor the Digital & Technical team of Eternal Hindu foundation. Working in the IT field for the past 24 years, he has a rock-solid command over digital world. He fully supports Shashwat Bharatam, an initiative by the foundation.

He supports gender equality and promote women empowerment at workplace. Also, ensures the safety of women at workplace.

He encourages gender equality and promote women empowerment at workplace which lead to a positive workplace culture.

Shamit Khemka with Employees of SynapseInteractive

Shamit Khemka With Employees during Christmas Shamit Khemka with employees in SynapseInteractive Premier League