Mobile Seo Company India

Mobile search has a growth rate of more than 500% in the last couple of years, and this observation has been shared by the top search engine Google. If you and your business are not on mobile, then you are not "in" at all! Therefore, you must have a mobile based website, but the drill doesn't end here.

You have to make sure that your mobile site reaches the one who is searching your business products or services from their mobile phones.

Our Mobile SEO agency professionals, constantly touch with the happenings of the mobile technology world and dedicated to offering world-class Mobile SEO services. The changing trends and patterns require an intensive, full-service approach to mobile site optimization; and thus we have aligned our best customized mobile marketing services for you that ensures long-run expected results for your business.

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  • mobile app developers
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  • ISO Certified
  • Google Ads certified partner

Mobile app optimization services

Over 2 million mobile apps are already available across all major online app stores and the number is continuously increasing at an incredible pace. Only mobile website optimization can help you excel millions of competitors and ensure that your app gets recognized by your business prospects.

  • Increasing the searchability of your mobile app on various app stores through App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Promoting your mobile app across various social media channels
  • Branding of your company by increasing awareness about your mobile app
  • Helping your mobile app appear above other apps, so that more people find it easily on app store
  • Build credibility among your target audiences by app store optimization because people trust the top ten search results more

Mobile SEO company for Android & iPhone apps

Our iPhone and Android app SEO expertise can be leveraged for the ultimate goal of making your iPhone or Android app searchable by your business prospects globally. We've helped thousands of clients across the globe make their mobile apps popular & searchable online through Android and iPhone app SEO services.

  • As part of mobile SEO, we will help you choose a right app name, so that it gets easily noticed & remembered by your target audiences
  • Optimizing your mobile app (during development phase or after it) to make it SEO friendly
  • Increasing profits, if the app is paid
  • Promoting your business by including your brand name in the link text pointing towards your app download pages
  • Helping businesses target only relevant customers by result oriented SEO of mobile apps

Mobile SEO services for IOS and Android applications

Most users prefer searching for a new mobile app on the app store. Hence, it is necessary that your app ranks high for the keywords being searched. Being a reputed mobile app SEO agency, SynapseInteractive employs a team of competent and experienced mobile SEO experts who can make your mobile app easily searchable and visible to your target audiences on the Internet.

  • About 40% people search for mobile apps through app stores and, through mobile SEO, we will improve the ranking of your app on various app stores
  • Search results influence more than 50% of app downloads and our SEO services will help your mobile app rank higher on search results
  • Cost-effective mobile SEO - We offer organic SEO of your mobile app, which means you don't need to spend money on paid searches for the same
  • We will optimize maximum keywords for your app and more keywords optimization means more positive results, and improved & sustainable ranking
  • Helping you retain more customers by enhancing customer engagement with the help of fully optimized, user friendly mobile app