SEO Consultancy Plan

We would be coordinating with the design and development team in order to provide them the right direction/suggestions to code the site pages on following parameters and also to ensure that the website is developed to the best of following search engine standards:

  1. URL Structure
  2. URL Naming Convention
  3. Usage of Category Levels
  4. Internal Linking and Navigation
  5. SEO Friendly tags (h1, h2, etc..) within the code
  6. Technical optimization (Java script/CSS code optimization, Canonical optimization, custom 404 error page)
  7. Sitemaps Analysis
  8. Development of optimized Title & Meta Information for Home page and main/top category pages.
  9. Suggestion to developer for Implementation of SEO functionality within CMS (if Required) for following points:
    • Title & Meta Information
    • Title & Meta pattern
    • Image Alt tag fetch
    • Automated search engine sitemap generation, etc...
  10. Webpage content analysis
  11. Google Analytics/Webmaster account setup
  12. Speed/Load time optimizations report