Why is search engine ranking important?
A recent study by Jupiter Media Metrix shows that search engine optimization generates a better return on investment than any other conventional form of marketing. Web promotion provides a better return than television, radio, direct mail, print ads, and trade shows.

Over 55% of all Internet purchases begin with a search engine. Today's top search engines receive hundreds of millions of searches per day. If your web site is not appearing within the first two pages of these results, you are missing thousands of qualified leads.

Having a top ranking in a major search engine is like having a full page ad in the Yellow Pages in every major city of the world. Our clients see incredible growth in their sales as a result of being moved to the top of the search engines.

How do search engine listings compare to banner ads, bulk email, or affiliate programs? A study conducted by the NPD Group, a research group specializing in consumer purchasing and behavior, tested the impact of search listings, bulk email, and affiliate programs across a variety of target markets. In every situation, search engine listings came out on top.

Results: Consumers are 12 times more likely to purchase your products or services after finding your web site through a search engine than all other programs combined!

How authenticate are those who claim to "Submit your Web Site to Over 3,500 Search Engines"? Not only are these "submitting only" services a total waste of your money but they can actually hurt your rankings!

These companies typically promise to submit your web site to thousands of search engines on a monthly schedule for a cost of anywhere from $10 to $149 with no guarantee of generating any top rankings. They don't guarantee results because search engine submission is not enough!

Only web site optimization can improve your ranking. Submission of an un-optimized web site simply doesn't work. If you don't plan on optimizing your site you may as well not submit your site at all.

There are less than 20 major search engines in the United States. All the others don't matter in the least. Automated submission is a form of spam to the major search engines. They often detect and reject web sites submitted this way. This is why we submit your site manually to the engines that require manual submission.

The resubmission myth Some companies will tell you that it's very important to resubmit each month. A few years ago this technique had some merit but now it can lead to your domain being flagged as spam. You should never resubmit to an engine unless your listing has dropped out.

What are Pay-Per-Click search engines? Is Pay per Click a cost-effective method of advertising?

Some search engines offer a pay-per-click model where you can bid for top placement. The most well-known search engine of this kind is Overture.com. The highest bidder for a chosen term ranks highest in the "sponsored" search engine results for this term, the next highest appears second, etc. You pay your bid price each time a user clicks on your listing.

The more you bid, the higher your listing is ranked. PPC often turns into bidding wars driving the cost of some keywords to more than $5 per click.

The effectiveness of pay-per-click depends on how much gross profit you make per item sold and what your conversion ratio is: you may be able to turn a profit. If you are a small business owner, bidding wars may drive prices out of your reach. It is often difficult to compete with big businesses with larger budgets.

Our Search Engine Optimization service is a cost-effective alternative to Pay-Per-Click programs. We offer the most effective way to reach a large customer base with a relatively small investment, and we do not charge you per click.

Our clients who have tried Pay-Per-Click in the past will tell you our promotions deliver a lot more traffic at only a fraction of the cost.

This said, though, we highly recommend that you try PPC to gauge its effectiveness. It works very well in some industries. If you would like more help, we offer professional PPC management.

Do Meta tags help me get higher search engine ranking?
Not any more. Search engines no longer seriously score Meta keywords. Instead, search engines analyze title tags, image tags, link structure, directory structure, keyword density, relevancy, prominence, proximity, total words on a page, word repetitions, total words in specific areas, alt tags, input tags, Java Script comment lines, domain name, directory name, file name, etc.

Likewise, each search engine has its own unique way of ranking pages so you need to fine-tune different pages to exactly match the criteria of each engine. Not only do they rank sites according to different parameters, they change their criteria on a regular basis!

As you can see, achieving and maintaining top ten ranking is not as simple as using Meta tags. Without optimization techniques, your site will not rise above the clutter of the millions of web pages each major search engine maintains in its index.

What is MonsterWebPromotion?
We optimize your web site to rank in the top 10 of the major search engines for your desired keyword phrases. We specially fine-tune your pages to exactly match the criteria of the biggest search engines based on the latest search engine intelligence. We have developed a very powerful formula!

Next, we manually submit your site to each major search engine. We then track each submission to make sure each search engine indexed your site and send you detailed ranking reports to show you exactly where you are positioned in the major engines. Each promotion includes two ranking reports: one initial report and one 3 months after submission.

We also help you with an online marketing strategy, we will share valuable tips and techniques that will increase the profitability of your business and ensure you avoid costly mistakes that cause others to lose time and money. You will receive advice, tested techniques, insider secrets, and professional consultation.

How long does MonsterWebPromotion take? Will I see results right away?
It is not possible to say for sure how long it will take specific engines like Yahoo! or Google to approve and index your site. It could happen as soon as 2-3 weeks, and a top 10 listing in one of these search engines can drive substantial traffic might away!

Each search engine indexes web sites at a different rate. As a general rule, you must allow at least 3 months for the Meta search engines to fully index your site. Some engines take longer but it's worth the wait. Before long, your website will be at the top!

Please note: We need a 1-week lead-time before we can begin work on a new account. In order to secure a place on our schedule, you must sign up online and we must receive payment.

Do I need to make monthly payments to maintain top ten rankings?
Nope! After your initial sign-up, we guarantee top ten rankings within 10 months without monthly payments.

You might want to consider taking advantage of one of our monthly maintenance packages as an additional service, though. This keeps your site up-to-date so you can keep SERP rankings.

What maintenance options do we offer?
After we meet our guarantee, we offer a monthly maintenance package that you could sign up for in order to help maintain your rankings by providing fresh content and performing link and server checks.

If I decide not to do business with you anymore, do I lose all my search engine positions?
Absolutely not! We are one of the few optimization companies that place your optimized pages in your possession. Your search engine optimized pages that got your rankings are yours to keep... you paid for them!

We DO NOT with hold your optimization if you choose to no longer work with us. If you choose to no longer work with us, your rankings will not be affected. If a refund is issued, optimization will be removed.

How do I choose effective keywords?
Great question! Targeting the right keywords is critical to your success. After extensive discussion and brainstorming, we will help you find the right keywords using professional keyword research tools. We have an entire page dedicated to helping you choose the right keywords.

What is "WordTracker," why is it so important?
WordTracker is the best way to find the most effective keywords related to your business. You can enter a keyword phrase and it will provide an analysis for ideal keywords phrases and a competitive analysis.

What is IP cloaking?
"IP" stands for "Internet Protocol." "IP cloaking" is a technical trick designed to deliver different web pages from the same web address depending on whether the visitor's IP is from a search engine spider or from an ordinary user.

If the IP is from a search engine, the server feeds a highly-optimized page. Otherwise, it delivers a regular page such as the homepage. IP cloaking is also known as IP spoofing or IP delivery.

IP cloaking is abusive in how it attempts to manipulate a search engine's index. Since IP cloaking is deceptive, search engines routinely purge IP cloaked pages and in some cases ban these web sites permanently.

Do I need access to your company's web server?
Yes, we must be able to upload and update pages to your server. If we do not have full FTP access, our guarantee is voided. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

Do I have to make changes to my web site to get top ten positions?
Sometimes, it becomes necessary to optimize the layout and keywords contained within your web pages. Mostly, these changes are minimal and rarely significant.

This is often one of the hardest things for our clients to understand but it is critically important if you desire to succeed on the web. Successful companies often fail on the web when they try to apply traditional marketing and advertising techniques to the Internet.

Online marketing is a whole new game, played on an entirely different field with different rules. If you are willing to follow our advice we will show you how to win!

What kind of traffic and profit can I expect to receive as a result of a MonsterWebPromotion?
It's impossible for us to predict a specific amount of traffic: every site is different. It is our responsibility to get listings, not traffic, sales or hits.

Can I have multiple domains with the same content?
Since duplicate content is penalized by the search engines, this could lead to trouble. Our advice is "Do not try to trick the search engines."

Can I get more traffic by pointing multiple domain names to the same web site?
This is a hard question, and one without a clearly defined answer. Professionals use this tactic. However, other experts believe it is futile.

If you are planning on doing this, make sure you do it correctly: we recommend that you use an SEO friendly 301 redirect from the additional domains to the first (main) domain.

Do your web promotion packages include submission fees that the search engines charge for a listing?
Our web promotion packages do not include search engine submission fees. These fees are paid directly to each submission service. We are not affiliated with these services in any way.

This is an optional service you can take advantage of, but it is not necessary for success with your optimization campaign. We will submit to all necessary parties.

What is the total cost? Are there any hidden charges?
There are absolutely no hidden charges! All Pricing is broken down on the SEO and Link Page.

Will you negotiate a payment plan?
Search engine optimization is extremely labor intensive and our services are in high demand. We reserve our resources for clients who pay upfront and in full.

How do we start? What is the first step to get started?
When you are ready to get started, simply fill out the online order form. We will contact you within one business day to discuss the specific details of your promotion.