5 Biggest Mistakes You Must Avoid While Hiring an SEO Agency

Relying on an SEO agency is something most businesses are doing these days to ensure top ranking for their website. Hiring a professional SEO company is the right decision; however, many businesses commit the mistake of ending up with an unreliable service provider due to unawareness. Going for fixed package quotes, relying on fake claims, not analyzing previous work are some of the major mistakes one makes while hiring an SEO company.

By: Sushant Singh

Just having a website and expecting it to do wonders for your business is same as planting a seed and expecting it to develop into a tree even when you are not watering it at all. The profound relation between website ranking and SEO is quite evident nowadays; with online businesses looking to make a mark in the industry by inclining more towards SEO.

If one knows the importance of SEO, half the battle is almost won. The remaining half can be drawn in your favor when you go for hiring the best affordable SEO services. A number of SEO agencies are available nowadays; however, its not necessary that each may provide you the same level of services. Many SEO firms may entice you by offering different SEO packages but you must ensure that you don't make a mistake while hiring any of them. Here, we bring for you some of the biggest mistakes that must be avoided while hiring an SEO agency.

1.Going for Fixed Package Quotes - An SEO agency that offers fixed package quotes works on the one size fits all approach. It clearly means that the agency will not take out time to understand your business & market; rather, they would go for SEO strategy implementation straight away - which would not work in your business favor anyhow. So, avoid hiring such companies even if they claim to offer the best quote.

2.Relying on Fake Claims - Many SEO agencies would tell you that there SEO specialists could help your website rank number one in a few weeks or even days. All such claims are mere means of enticing clients and so should be given no importance. Such agencies are more likely to use black-hat SEO techniques that's a big negative on their part. It must be understood that SEO strategies take some time to attract positive results; after all SEO is not a magic wand in any way.

3.Not Asking for SEO Strategy Explanation - Hiring a company that fails to explain you their SEO plans for your website should be avoided. Its moreover your mistake if you fail to question the company about what SEO tactics they would follow for improving your website ranking. Its a bigger blunder indeed if they fail to explain and you still go for hiring them.

4.Not Analyzing Previous Work - Another big blunder you would make is by not looking into the agency's work done for its previous clients. Success rate of the earlier projects handled by the company give a clear idea of how effective the company's services have been for previous clients. So, take client references right in the very beginning.

5.Taking the Agency as Google Partner - A number of SEO firms would say that they hold a special relationship with Google; however, the same is not true by even a fraction as there is no such inside path that would attract mercy for your website from Google.

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