5 Most Important Factors why SEO Work is Outsourced rather than doing Inhouse

Should one take care of the SEO part inhouse, or should they outsource it, is one of the most popular question. In this article we will be giving the top 5 reasons to outsource your SEO work, and not try and do it inhouse.

By: Sushant Singh

In layman's language - search engine optimization is a process of increasing the traffic volume of a website by employing certain techniques that help a search engines find and rank it better than the millions of others that respond to a particular query search.

But, this needs expert hands to direct (read manipulate) search engines to act in certain way towards your web page. Obviously the search engine does not do this by analyzing the content of every single page. Instead it indexes the content by identifying keywords and phrases and assigning them to keywords. And to determine the perfect keywords, you need an expert.

In this article we will try & discuss the top 5 reasons why you should outsource your SEO task to an expert.

1st – New Age SEO Requires Expertise:

The kind of updates and tweaks Google is bringing-in in the genre of search marketing, the new age SEO is not at all an easy thing to handle - it needs specialized approach. Thus it is advisable, that even if you have a fair understanding about the SEO processes, it is it better to outsource it to a proficient agency. Leaving the important decisions to the real “kings of the trade” is a judicious decision. One such expert not only have the required expertise, he also have the flexibility to alter and execute the latest and most effective tools for more refined improvements.

2nd – The Process becomes a Lot Faster:

As a SEO agency's core domain is to work in-and-around search engines, they remain highly abreast with the up-dated skills and experience in engaging your target audience around your brand. You can trust them on typical SEO efforts like link-building, content development, coding and reporting. Their customized approach towards your business domain will give you the confidence that your SEO activities are being performed properly. 

3rd – Outsourcing is always a Cost Efficient Option:

This needs no mentioning that outsourcing SEO work can be cheaper than doing everything in-house. While doing it inhouse will cost you three times higher than the regular cost, as you have to scratch, and need to pay for almost everything that is needed. However, a regular SEO company will already be armed with the required tools and expertise, which slashes the overall cost by a considerable margin. Further, you can save on manpower maintenance as well.

4th – Concentrate on your Own Expertise:

If you outsource your SEO efforts to an expert company, you can concentrate on your own business processes. While your offshore online marketing experts will take care of the search engine optimization part, you can focus on your own business process to get the desired competitive advantage.   

5th - It’s Not a One Time Thing:

SEO is a regular ongoing process with activities like uploading new, fresh and worthy content as well as building ethical linking should be done on a regular basis so to yield better organic results. Outsourcing these activities would increase performance of your website, which will eventually turn out to be beneficial for your prospected SEO results.

It's nothing like that you cannot do SEO work inhouse, however; outsourcing to an expert gives you an edge over your competitors. If you need an expert SEO (India) company, you can write to us or reach us at +1-855-SYNAPSE & we will offer you a customized online marketing package after doing a free web analysis for you.

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Author : Sushant Singh

With over 7 years of experience in the Digital Marketing, this author specializes on the practical implementation of new digital technology to drive improvements in customer experience and revenue through the effective use of Social Media, PPC, SEO, Video, email marketing, and web analytics in on-line campaigns.