5 Important Tips on Improving eCommerce SEO Strategy For Better Output

Hiring the services of a professional SEO company is always beneficial as they help you create a solid SEO strategy and optimize your eCommerce site effectively. They put their best possible efforts and accelerate your business ROI exponentially.

By: Jitendra Singh

You need to have a solid SEO strategy in order to improve the performance of your eCommerce website. eCommerce SEO tactics somewhat differ from the traditional ones, especially for on-site optimization. Writing separate meta description for each of the thousand products and optimizing them seems a tedious task. Keyword research in this sense also becomes a tiresome job if you are adopting the traditional methodology.

Ecommerce SEO Services

An updated eCommerce strategy as per the modern trends can help you in generating strong traffic that in turn will be beneficial from the perspective of revenue generation. Let's have a look:

  1. Site Indexing: Crawl budget is one of the topmost considerations for giant eCommerce websites. Any of your on-site optimization efforts cannot help you if Googlebot and any other crawler are not going to find the content of your website. To improve the site indexing of your eCommerce website, you need to review the 5xx server errors your website returns in Google Search Console result. Crawl errors report in search console represents poor site health and you need to workout on the connection timeouts, server errors or redirects issues.
  2. Main Menu Navigation: Despite the fact that main menu navigation is essential from the perspective of link building and SEO by and large, it goes up against a refreshed level of earnestness for web-based business destinations. The pages in your menu are the ones to appear in search results. Since that menu will show up crosswise over a huge number of pages, the value of link building gets amplified for eCommerce sites.
  3. On-page content for category pages: Notwithstanding something as straightforward as a two-paragraph description of the category gives indexable content to crawlers that give you an improved possibility of being appeared in the search results. It doesn't make a difference if the content is at the highest point of the page or the base, as long as it's readable, both to the clients and the crawlers. While writing unique product descriptions for thousands of products seems a lengthy task, it can be minimized by writing contents of hundreds of categories in a planned way.
  4. Product schema: Major search engine like Google puts a lot of emphasis on product Schema, especially for online store websites. Using product schema for your eCommerce website you can enhance your product search results. It will give you an additional benefit over your competitors by giving extra details in the SERPs and ultimately increase your click-through rate over the other results.
  5. URL structure: When it comes to right URL structure for your business products, then it is always good to keep your products as close to the root folder as possible.  It ensures that the product name is visible in the URL for search results.

Conclusion: If you are unable to do these at your end and it appears a complex job, then you must hire the reliable eCommerce SEO services in India to make your website gain a tremendous popularity across the globe.

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Author : Jitendra Singh

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