Amazing Top 5 Blogging Tips Every Blogger Must Remember

Blogs undoubtedly play an important part in facilitating better leads & conversions. However, it calls for ensuring that your blog is fit enough to be successful & popular among readers. In this regard, you need to follow a few tips like following an effective approach to business blogging, sprinkling some keywords throughout the blog, publishing gripping blog stories, using humor & more originality, etc.

By: Deepak Nautiyal

Blogging is essentially a crucial part of any SEO or SMO strategy; and so it must be ensured that the blogs you post are successful. Quite important to consider for all bloggers, blogging in the right way has a favorable effect on businesses of all types. A good rise in traffic & leads can be experienced if just your blogging strategies are right.

Consider for example the following bar graph that shows the impact of monthly blogs published by B2B & B2C companies on their leads & traffic. You can examine that with number of monthly blog posts going above 15, the leads show a marked rise; however, the rise is lesser for B2B firms compared to B2C firms.

New leads Vs monthly blog posts

But, besides working on the quantity, you also need to work on the blog quality. No matter, whether you produce content working for a content writing services provider or create blogs for your own company, you can follow some tips to see your blogs bringing favorable returns. Take a look-

Re-frame your Approach to Business Blogging – Blogging offers an effective medium to convey your message to your potential audience. For taking a unique & effective approach to business blogging, you can follow a 3 step process -

  • Plan content in advance; use editorial calendar
  • Cover minimum 5 topics from all blog categories
  • Pop the topics into your editorial calendar

Use Suitable Keywords in Blog – Keywords are the secret to a successful blog. Develop a suitable editorial plan covering your top-producing keywords. Create blog posts using your 10-15 keywords/phrases. Ensure to sprinkle few keywords throughout the blog; while keeping the content compelling at the same time. Once your blog engages the reader, half the battle is won. But to make the optimum out of it, you need to tell them what's to be done next, create suitable persuasive call to action for this purpose.

Publish Interesting Blog Stories – Catching & sustaining reader's interest should actually be the aim of your blog. To create more compelling blog content, you can go for interviewing some of the most prominent people in the industry. Doing this will enable you get loads of interesting content that you can use for months. Most importantly, when those big names will see their story published in your blog, they may share it further with their fans, thus bringing more traffic to your site.

Use Humor & More Originality – Providing readers something to smile via your blogs is a big test of your humor. Make sure, you make good use of it only at the places where it is appropriate. Readers are on the hunt for original content that appeals to them and you can provide it to them by refining your concepts & remaining updated with the recent happenings.

Measure your Blogging Success – You will require measuring your blogging success based on different potential metrics. When you are blogging for content, the metric is search traffic while e-commerce blogging has leads & conversions as the main metrics. Its a must for you to pick the most relevant metric based on your blog's purpose.

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Author : Deepak Nautiyal

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