Best Practices for Optimizing Mobile Sites

Optimizing your mobile site is as essential as it is for any desktop site. But there are few elements to be kept on mind before you start that. The article here will surely be a help for the cause.

By: Payel Bhattacharjee

Okay, so now you have stepped into the mobile bandwagon, and you are quite happy with the way your mobile site looks and works. Now what's next? Well, no rocket science; as any other site you need to optimize your mobile site as well – so that it can appear on the search engines.

So here in this text piece, we have decided to help you with top five mobile website optimization tips. Let's start...

Doing it in the Matt Cutts' way:

When it comes to applying SEO techniques to boost your mobile site, there are a few strategies that are simple enough to bring magical results for you. If you follow these simple strategies, as Google’s SEO expert Matt Cutts suggests through one of his videos, you could very well take care of a good part of your SEO in-house, without hiring professional SEO services.

These strategies are – decreasing page loading speed, integrating an internal content management system and engaging in social media optimization. Now let’s see how each of these strategies that Matt advocates manages to be so useful in a time when newer strategies keep popping up every now and then.

Increasing Page Speed: Matt Cutts has the opinion that the page loading speed of web pages plays a vital role in the performance of that website. Fast page loading speed will retain visitors to your website and bring down the bounce rate drastically. So it’s vital that you take measures to increase the loading speed of your web pages.

Internal Content Management System: Integrating your own content management system (CMS) and maintaining it with updated information on a regular basis will make your website more visible. Regular contribution of all kinds of content like blogs, articles and discussions on boards are the best ways of keeping your website updated. Make sure you don’t have broken links on your web pages and give particular importance to internal linking. These things are as much required for your mobile site, as are needed for your desktop site.

Social Media Optimization (SMO): No doubt, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can offer great mileage to one’s online efforts. Sharing information, in this case on your business, on Facebook and Twitter could catapult you to great heights dramatically since these social media sites are browsed regularly by millions of users worldwide.

Using Forms for Better Conversion:

Miniaturise: Big forms are a thing of the past. Now, shrinking forms have taken over. Now these forms are presented as a sidebar within the main page. These small forms gel well with your page’s content and are one of the strongest SEO tools to help achieve conversions.

Condense fields: Today, forms don’t include too many fields. Information gathering is what matters the most. You can achieve a lot simply by condensing fields, or making them optional. You can only keep fields like name, address and email as these are the most essential in any online form. This makes your form a sleek and condensed one with three fields in total.

Break it up: You can break your form into steps to gather more information in a non-confrontational way. However, creating a multi-step form can be complicated and does expose you to the risk of losing the user in half-way. Adding a second optional form is a good alternative to this. This form will gather more in-depth information. Start out with a miniaturized form asking for the basic information, and follow it up with a second-step form having a ‘No, thanks’ option to skip past.



… And finally the most important ones:

Making it Mobile, Genuinely: First, find out what your target audience is expecting from your mobile site and why. Use the AdWords keyword tool to discover the mobile volumes and desktop volumes for keywords searched for finding your products and services, and then find the mobile percent of total volume. Now when you know what your target audience expects from your mobile site, you can serve them better.

Apart from that, there is no need to put all your content from the desktop website. Most of the SEO companies would prefer to highlight those areas that are most relevant to the mobile user experience. The mobile site must also have a lot of text or keywords on the page to help search engines understand and return relevant search results searched by prospective clients or customers.

Use Content Optimized for Mobile: You must host your mobile web pages at subdomain or /m subfolder. Reformat pages from your desktop website as per your mobile site while you can keep the URL same as the desktop site. You can also add canonical tags to pass the link equity back to desktop pages.

Redirect with Perfection: Set up proper redirects for your mobile website. Let Googlebot index your desktop site content and Googlebot mobile and Smartphone Googlebot index your feature phone and Smartphone site respectively. Top companies offering SEO services in India suggest that.

If you have a tablet site then serve it to your tablet searchers as currently there is no tablet Googlebot to receive your tablet site. In case, you don’t have a tablet site, serve your desktop site content. Make sure, you don’t use any flash as iPad or some other tablets don’t support Flash.

Using Images is Essential: In future, we may be optimizing for a literal pair of Google Glass, with an overlay that searches for more information on the things around us. It would mostly analyze images and compare them to Google’s image and Google Glass image database. So, ensure better SEO by optimizing images for mobile searchers.

Keep Analyzing & Optimizing: Analyze your mobile site’s performance by using web Analytics and stay optimized. Make sure your mobile site has good mobile content, it redirects appropriately and images are optimized for best results.

Hopefully these simple yet important tips will help you in optimizing your mobile site. But for better help, you should get it touch with our experts by dropping a mail at or giving us a call at +1855-SYNAPSE.

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