Crucial Instructions for Creating Successful Paid Search Campaigns

PPC offers several benefits like better control over budget & scheduling, improved search engine ranking etc. To have a better control over your PPC campaign, you need to determine the amount you can pay for a lead, monitor keywords constantly and take expert assistance as required. Moreover, your paid search campaigns can be successful if you invest proper time in keyword selection, place suitable call-to-action etc.

By: Pooja

Driving more sales is the major agenda for almost all businesses nowadays; working on which companies start advertising by making use of paid search. Paid search is not less than playing with fire if not done in a controlled environment & under expert guidance. PPC campaigns are useful in a number of ways; following figure indicates the same.

Having mentioned the benefits, let's also take a look at the guidelines you can follow to have a better control over your paid campaigns.

  • Determine the amount you can pay for a lead/conversion. It would involve determining the worth of a customer based on different metrics.
  • Pin-point the organic keywords driving traffic & converting on your site and monitor keywords constantly.
  • Outsource your campaign to a Google PPC management services provider if you lack time to optimize your campaigns.

You must understand that PPC is an extremely targeted internet marketing activity with amazing accountability. Also, PPC campaigns need to be monitored properly; so you can consider experimenting with your ad titles, landing pages, keywords etc. However, to ensure that your created paid search campaigns are successful, you can follow the instructions as mentioned below -

Selecting Keywords: Investing proper time in keyword selection is a fair idea. You should choose to have fairly specific keywords as users looking for these keywords will be a qualified audience, thus resulting in much higher investments. Analyze how your targeted audience would look for information; whether they would type in their problem or whether they would look for a straight solution.

Ad Text Creation: Having chosen your keywords, you will require a captivating title and ad text that attracts visitors to your website. Try focusing on clearly presenting what you offer and be specific to that; else there will be cases of visitors clicking and bouncing away, which is never desired.

Directing User Relevantly: Having clicked on any ad, users thinks where would they be directed to, whether it would be a website's home page or some other specific area on the site providing targeted information. So, make sure you deliver what you promise and users are directed accordingly to the page of their interest.

Placing Call to Action: Your landing page can serve as an important medium to establish relation with the visitor. For that, you need to craft suitable call-to-actions and place them accordingly on your landing page.

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