Discussing the Significance of Keyword-match types for your Online PPC Campaign

A set of keywords may appear to be similar but their relevancy & interpretation for a PPC campaign would be entirely different. Advertisers must understand how crucial keyword research, classification and expansion is as its also important to reach the targeted group in a better way.

By: Sushant Singh

Google is the most popular search engine in the world. Putting up an ad on the Google frame will guarantee success of the advertisement. Google's Pay Per Click marketing known as Google AdWords enables one to put up their advertisement on Google.

It is also one of the main sources of revenue for Google. The advertisement owners use AdWords to select their keywords upon which their ads would be based. So, evidently, keywords play one of the most important roles in a PPC campaign.

Keyword Classification in PPC Marketing:

Advertisers often fail to understand the importance of keyword research and expansion as they find all the keywords to look same when grouped together. But they need to understand that they all have different intents and interpretations which require different levels of classification.

Apart from achieving the expected Quality Score and building blocks of effective Adgroup structures; classification of keywords also help in determining better way to understand the target group and how to reach them in an effective way.

Understand the Keyword Intent:

When a user searches a keyword on the search engines, the intention of the search may vary. Let's say, an online shopper can either search to make a purchase online, or can just do it for making a comparison of shopping based on price, shipping, reputation, payment methods, etc.

Although the keywords he used may have a high intent value, still the conversion rate may not be perfect each time. For this reason Google has placed various cookies to track the eventual conversion rate within the duration of 30 - 45 days.

A Visual Comparison:

Let's presume a company deals in Ford Truck Parts online, and "Ford Truck Parts" are the keywords for the business. Here is a visual representation of the keyword classification:

A PPC expert will be prone to follow the best practices of keyword relevancy from campaign level to the landing page. Because, keyword sets may look similar but may have an entirely different relevancy and interpretation for the campaign.

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Author : Sushant Singh

With over 7 years of experience in the Digital Marketing, this author specializes on the practical implementation of new digital technology to drive improvements in customer experience and revenue through the effective use of Social Media, PPC, SEO, Video, email marketing, and web analytics in on-line campaigns.