Easy Ways to Grab Maximum Visitors Via your Facebook Business Page

Drawing & converting visitors to your Facebook business page requires expanding your reach besides enhancing your capabilities for facilitating conversions. Some of the ways that you can employ for achieving this include placing Facebook social plugins, sending e-mail invitations, uploading engaging content, placing Facebook Ads etc.

By: Deepak Nautiyal

Having created your Facebook business page, your initial goal would be to drive maximum users to your page. Drawing maximum visitors to your Facebook page may seem to be an uphill task; however there are some easy ways that can be followed to grab & convert those visitors; though it would specifically require expanding your reach and enhancing your capabilities.

To attain your marketing goals, you may think to hire a Facebook marketing expert as it will help you leverage the expertise of a SMO professional for the good of your business; which is a good idea. Besides that, you can learn the innovative ways to grab more visitors. Let's take a look at the ways in which you can drive visitors to your Facebook page and increase your sales.

Embed Widgets: You can place a few Facebook social plugins on your website. If you want to go for more advanced uses, take the Live Stream widget into consideration; this widget allows users to express their comments for a live event.

Send E-mail Invitations: Informing people about your Facebook page via e-mails is a good way to spread the word to your targeted audience. Your mail should ideally contain a small description of your page and a link to it. You can use an effective Call-to-action in the mail to provoke the user to take action. You may also use the Suggest to Friends button for referring the page to people in your Facebook circle.
Provide Incentives:  Its possible to make a much better impact with call-to-action if you add the incentive part to it. More valuable is your incentive, higher are the chances of users hitting the Like button. It would though require knowing your audience better.

Upload Engaging Content: Just like Google prefers fresh content, Facebook likes to bring fresh content on the top. More engaging content links directly to users and so the more you provide users such content, higher are the chances of maximum visitors seeing your content. High quality images, interesting videos, humorous content is all that can be made good use of in this regard.

Place Facebook Ads: You can easily boost your fan count by using Facebook's social ad feature. Its indeed a sort of targeted traffic that you can buy with money. For buying an ad, you need to click the Advertising link available at the bottom of a Facebook page.

Ensure Great User Experience: You can organize quiz, polls and competitions over your page to make it more interesting for the visitors. Asking your audience directly about what would they like to prefer is an excellent idea to provide them a custom experience. But surprises are also a crucial part of a nice user experience; so innovate and find ways to present your content differently.

Link to Twitter: By linking your Facebook & Twitter account together, it would become easier for you to automatically post your Facebook content to Twitter. You can also edit the relevant posts as per your requirement.

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Author : Deepak Nautiyal

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