Google New Ads Strategy to Drive Local Business Traffic

The display network ads are now getting popularity and have become one of the effective business strategies to drive traffic with the new update from Google i.e. Location Extensions Display.

By: Geeta Tyagi

With the continuous update from Google, local search has made impeccable progress. Google has recently changed its way of making the Display Network ads appear in accordance to the local search. This new format of ads is more effective and useful by automatically incorporating several useful things such as store location, relevant picture and the business hours to assist the viewers or internet users. Local storefronts have widely appreciated this update as they are getting more footfalls through this business drive. 

This new ad format looks like the standard location extension we are seeing over the search engine results page, along with an addition of business hours and other ad information. This data automatically gets appeared from the My Business page of Google without any additional effort on the user’s end. Although it is not compulsory, as per your choice, you can opt-out of these brilliant things. World's famous search engine, Google has claimed that this feature has resulted in an increase in clicks to businesses.

Automatically Updating Ads & Opting Out

As per Google, most of the ads have already been converted automatically into the new format. You must check the information added to your My Business account, to ensure that your ad communicates the accurate information of your business to the viewers. If any business owner doesn't want to display their business location to other people then they can also hide it by making the local extensions disable.

To opt out of display location extensions you need to follow these steps -

  • Open up AdWords
  • Click the Extensions tab
  • Click location extensions
  • Select campaigns or ad groups
  • Select the ads you would like to edit or change
  • Click “Use campaign location extension” and choose “Disable location extensions”

With this extensive feature, Google has helped the businesses in establishing the more robust online identity while on the other hand, such ad formats are helping the consumers in finding the relevant information to the desired destination in a very communicative manner. This has become useful for everyone and helping the businesses in getting leads and more potential traffic.

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Author : Geeta Tyagi

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