Google Webmaster Tools Now Rebranded to Google Search Console...

Google Webmaster Tools has been providing users with advanced tools & metrics to make better websites. Working towards making its product more useful for the users who value search, the search engine major has now decided rebranding of Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console.

By: Pooja

Ever since its launch, Google Webmaster Tools has served as the crucial medium for users to leverage advanced tools & metrics for making brilliant websites. Google has always considered users more important than anything else; its because of this reason that it decided to know more about the users of Google Webmaster Tools so that the product could be made more useful for them. Google Webmaster Tools has been equally important for its users that include hobbyists, small business owners, programmers, designers, SEO experts, marketers, app developers, and not to forget the webmasters.

Google does understand that what mostly users are looking for is to make their work available on the web; and this can be possible only when people looking for it find the same through Google Search. Google wants to make sure that Google Webmaster Tools includes everyone who cares about search. Due to this reason, the search engine major has decided to rebrand Google Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console. From now on, users of all types can use Google Search Console for diagnosis/improvement of their content’s online visibility. With Google Search Console, users will now have the same tools, same interface but a more inclusive name.

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Author : Pooja

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