How Digital Marketers can adjust with the Changing Notions of the PPC Landscape?

In the current year Google has brought a number of changes in AdWords which are believed to bring some significant changes in the sphere of PPC. Here in this article we are trying to share some insights on them.

By: Payel Bhattacharjee

The world of paid search advertising is changing fast. Thus, businesses need to adjust quickly by implementing different approaches to cope up. Let us discuss the different changes and how to tackle those changes effectively.

The Changes and the Adjustments:

Now in PPC management, you will come across bid adjustments. It actually schedules different ads as per different devices and locations. The era of last click conversions are over, which was quite easy to do. Today to make the best campaign decision, one needs to scrutinize Google search funnels, assisted conversions and different attribution models that take a lot of time.

Apart from that, Google’s quality score algorithm goes under frequent changes. Sometimes, you have a perfect AdWords campaign having pertinent keywords, content and pages. However, your quality score can be ridiculously low, subsequently impacting your cost per click and decreasing your overall ROI.

After automated bidding and rules have entered the PPC picture, and companies are no doubt doing more in less time. But at the same time, it can lead to higher cost per click as most advertisers are using position-based and performance-based bidding rules.

That’s not all, regular product updates and betas are a norm in the modern PPC landscape. So, naturally to stand out from the competition, you must be aware of all the updates and beta releases.

In 2014, Google AdWords has experienced a lot of changes to ensure "substantial improvements around workflow efficiency".  Let's briefly discuss few of the changes.

1. A Makeover for AdWords - AdWords got a facelift on January 2014 providing users a simplistic user experience with increased efficiency.

2. Ad Extensions Impact Ad Rank - Google started promting people to use the ad extensions in their ads which is believed to improve the clickthrough rate.

3. Google Shopping Campaigns - These campaigns help sellers to provide a retail centric way of targeting products and services.

4. Device Specific Competitive Metrics - Google AdWords now not only allows you to compare how your ads are working against your compiterors on destop, but also on other devices like smartphones, tablets and phablets.

5. Advanced Conversion Reporting - AdWords introduced many new terms with different functionalities like "one-per-click", "many-per-click" etc. to give a new better counters.

It is important that every PPC campaign you run must be well planned and evaluated on the above discussed grounds to avoid discrepancies. And for that hiring a PPC experts (from India) is highly advisable.

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Author : Payel Bhattacharjee

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