How can Small Businesses Compete with Big Enterprises with their SEO Strategies?

Doing SEO for small businesses is a lot different from what needs to be done for the big brands. Yes, it is tough for a small size company to make it big on search engines; but it's not impossible atleast. Here in this article we are sharing few tips for the small businesses to make it as big as their bigger counterparts.

By: Deepak Nautiyal

Big enterprises are generally blessed with the advantage of being effortlessly popular, where they receive huge amount of traffic and search ranking without putting much effort. On the contrary, small businesses have to put in a lot of effort to reap SEO benefits.

But fret not as Google itself is at the rescue of small businesses. In this article, we will be jotting down few workable tips that Matt Cutts himself has advised.

Let's start...

1. Make "Small" your Power:

It is actually a bit tough to amend or to add new ideas to a large site; whereas if you have a small site, it can quickly be updated. And the biggest plus is Google loves sites that bring newer changes frequently. A site that brings new changes and molds itself with the changes that happen in the industry actually creates a loyal, engaged following that improves its search ranking.

2. The "Katamari" Philosophy:

"Katamari" philosophy is actually a Japanese philosophy where it is believed that - if you focus on smaller things first, it will bring greater success in future. Mr. Cutts advised smaller businesses to focus on smaller niches first, build a loyal following, and start exploring or experimenting in the bigger spheres.

3. Be a Part of the Social Game:

The importance of social networking activities is already known. Social signals like hashtags, shares, comments etc., help a website attain organic success. But the biggest success comes when businesses can club social media efforts with their SEO efforts. Elements like link potential, search query volume, authorship are interlinked and work for both SEO & SMO.

4. Buying Ads May not help Always:

According to Matt Cutts, small businesses should concentrate on organic ranking, rather than AdWords because AdWords may bring you quick traffic and more business; but it is advisable to spend on resources focusing on how you can elevate your organic search ranking.

5. Never avoid Google's Spam Filter:

Google has a number of spam and link rules in place. As webmaster of a small business, you should never ever try to break them. Using same Meta tags and Meta data, spamming social media with ads, keywords stuffing in the content, using keywords on anchor texts are few of the "DON'Ts" according to Google spamming rule book.

If you own a small business, there is no reason you should feel inferior in front of big business names. Yes, big enterprises always stay in a better position due to their brand name; but, small businesses can also do great on search engines – and they are actually making it big on their own already!

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