How To Boost The Sales With A Proper ECommerce SEO Strategy?

Without hiring reliable eCommerce SEO services, the business lags behind of other rivals. eCommerce SEO helps the store owners in bringing the best user experience to the buyers. A well-optimized store gets more clicks that result in huge revenue generation.

By: Geeta Tyagi

The eCommerce industry is at its boom. Product selling through online stores has become a new business trend. Businesses are making the most out of the vast opportunities in the eCommerce industry. Now the competition is to promote the products over the Internet to earn the revenue. eCommerce SEO services can be highly beneficial in order to stand out in today's competitive online industry.

eCommerce SEO

Here are a few tips on a proper eCommerce SEO strategy -

1. Use Unique Title Tags for Product Pages

eCommerce stores should never use the duplicated title tags for products. Each product should be assigned a unique title tag. The title tags of a web page can be found by pressing CTRL + U in the same browser. To avoid the duplicity, unique key phrases should be used instead of keywords. The perfect title tag formula for the product is 'Brand - Model - Item Type'. The length should be under 70 characters. Key phrases such as Combo offer, 20% Off are usually placed at the beginning of the title tags to get the relevant result with the search queries.

2. Permanently 301 Redirect for Expired Product URLs

Adding a 301 redirect to a detour page help to retain the traffic of the old pages. With the help of 301 redirects, all the qualities of the redirected page such as traffic value, page authority, page rank instantly moved to the detour page. It is very important from the SEO perspective to let the search engines become aware of the movement of the pages. If it is not done then a 404-page error occurs that results in loss of all the traffics associated with the concerned page.

3. Optimize Category Pages With Keywords

The category pages of the eCommerce stores have a great role in the appearance of the relevant results. It is always important to optimize each category page with the trending techniques.

  • Keyword in the image ALT and file name
  • Keyword in your page title
  • Keyword in your page description
  • Keyword in your H1 tag
  • Use LSI keywords throughout the post
  • SEO permalinks

4. Optimize Product Page Permalink and Structure

Optimizing the permalinks of the products pages helps the search engine crawlers in understanding the content of the page. Self-explanatory permalinks are considered to be the most effective. As an example – for product sub-category page, the best permalink is The site structure must be based on the standard practice of the eCommerce stores. These help in providing the best user experience.

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Author : Geeta Tyagi

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