How to configure your Magento Webstore for optimizing SEO

Useful guidelines for configuring your Magento Webstore for getting optimal SEO benefits for your business.

By: Sushant Singh

Since its launch in year 2008, Magento has developed from a specialty e-business platform into an unbelievably prevalent content management system. With more than 200,000 online stores are developed with Magento, picking it for your e-business venture is a phenomenal choice.

Here are some Magento SEO tips to help you produce more organic traffic to your eCommerce website.

Keyword rich & descriptive page titles

Page titles are critical element of your SEO, particularly in case of an online store that relies on search traffic. Descriptive page titles play vital role in improving your website's visibility.

A keyword rich title for your product is far more likely to appear in Google’s search results. Also, it will help in improving click through rate because of its rich content & relevancy.

Remove store codes from URLs

Magento adds store codes to page URLs by default. Store codes are used to locate products within database. These codes can be a hurdle from SEO perspective because of generating non user-friendly URLs.

However, disabling store codes is an easy thing to do. Explore the Configuration menu from admin panel and select Web, then Search Engine Optimization. Now you have to change “Add Store Codes to URLs” setting from Yes to No.

Create an XML sitemap

An XML sitemap can be cited as a virtual roadmap of a website that is used by search engine crawlers to find your content.

In the Top Menu, go to “Catalog” and select “Google Sitemap”. Now there you can limit the number pages you’d like to include in your sitemap. Magento generate a sitemap accordingly.

Make product pages keyword rich

Rather optimizing a product page just for brand name or model number, additionally prefer to use keywords also on the page. This will give your product pages boost in search engine ranking.

Google Analytics Integration

Google analytics will provide in-depth insights for consumer behaviors on your website. You can find out what products are most popular, what they had searched for to visit your website and much more. Based on these stats you can plan strategies for your online store.

Integrate a blog to your Magento store

Being in an eCommerce business does not put you off becoming a blogger too. An eye-catching blog that is frequently updated with unique content can drive more traffic to your website.

Don’t ignore off-page activities

SEO ranking has never been about on-page optimization only. Offline activities are critical to support your on-page website optimization in order to achieve higher ranking. Make sure that you follow best off-page practices.

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Author : Sushant Singh

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