How to Get Business Benefit from an Effective Call to Action Button

Leveraging the sheer potential of call-to-action buttons is a must as these bring positive results for every business, whether small or large. However, for this, one needs to focus on the right design & placement of the CTA button. Initially, one would require getting the CTA button created and then have it placed at the right places in website, while keeping in mind the customers perspective.

By: Sujoy

How many times you have come across a compelling post over the internet and signed up for the offered products/services after clicking on the Call-To-Action (CTA) button given therein. Its a simple yet effective collective impact of firstly the well-written post and then the CTA button that prompted you to take the action.

Such is the importance of a well-placed CTA button that catches user attention and encourages to take the intended action. If suitable CTA buttons are uniformly & correctly placed across your website, you can effectively get your website visitors guided to the desired location where you can expect conversions. Let's take a deeper look into how you can leverage call-to-action for benefiting your business.

First & Foremost, Get a Suitable CTA Created

Different options exist in regard to creating the CTA suitable for your website. You can get your CTA buttons & boxes created by a professional graphic designer. If you want to create them on your own, then Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop etc., are some other suitable tools. Besides these options, you can also go for using an online CTA button. As far as creating on your own is concerned, a CTA box generator like Vertical Response can be employed for creating, customizing and downloading the button box.

Next, Align CTAs  at the Right Places On your Website

Normally, you may consider placing various CTAs throughout your website; however, such an excess may lead to a total waste of effort & time. As per internet marketing experts, your home page may have maximum three CTAs while for other pages on the website, there must be one each. Arriving at the decision of placing CTAs may be quite tedious for you unless you start thinking from the customer's perspective.

Get answers to questions like where would a customer go after reaching your site, what pages you have mentioned the offers etc. Have a call-to-action in all prominent areas where there are probabilities of customers getting impressed with your offerings. Have a deeper insight into the Analytics and visitor behavior data to fetch more accurate information. An e-commerce website SEO provider company has experts that can guide you more on this aspect in a much better manner.

If you have an upcoming event, its best to include a call-to-action on your home page that links straight away to the event registration page. Also, keep in mind that placing the CTA above or below the page can have major impact on conversions. Consider the correlation between the CTA placement and the product complexity. From the figure, it can be understood that for a complex product requiring a prospect to think more on making the buying decision, the optimal CTA placement is on the lower side.

Hope that gives a clear idea to you about the importance of design & placement of call-to-action buttons throughout your website. To get better consultation on this, you can also approach a suitable SEO service provider.

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