How to Improve Your PPC Campaign Performance In 5 ways?

In the last few years, paid marketing has gained a huge importance in online marketing. PPC experts share a great knowledge on all the tactics and strategies of PPC advertising and know how to use it to get the maximum traffic for the website. But, even mastering the basics of the PPC is not easy. Many people are still new to AdWords, and trying hard to learn the best methods to organize their account. When it comes to the paid marketing campaign, it depends on the website, target audience, budget, advertising goals and many other factors.

By: Geeta Tyagi

While making a campaign for small companies, it is better to start with one-to-three campaigns that focuses on the core offerings. In Addition to this, each of the campaign should have multiple ad groups containing perfectly analyzed keywords. All the campaign should be related to each other which makes their management easier, and help to get the strong quality scores. Considering the importance of PPC so far, here are some points that surely help you to understand this concept more and provide new ideas for business enhancement.


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1. Website Structure


If you have a strongly structured website with a proper classification of all the products and services offered by you, then you should have a campaign that structures according to your website. For the website, the campaigns play a role of major category links (broad product areas), and ad groups considered as sub-categories. Moreover, your ad copy should refer all the products, as well as directly link to the product page or category.


2. Theme


One of the powerful methods to organize the campaign is theme or topic. Maybe this will not match the structure of the website, but it is necessary to have a theme in the campaign. So think about on which parts you want to focus on and then design your account around that areas.


3. Location


Location targeting is essential for the campaign. Basically, in the campaign, those store location or areas are targeted which you want to display in the campaigns.


4. Performance


In the initial level, the campaign budget is fixed. So, with the budget, you can base your account on the most performing areas, which makes you systematize your spending, accordingly. Moreover, in a campaign, if certain ad groups are converting much higher in comparison to other, and the campaign has a limited budget, then surely you will lose out your valuable conversions.


5. Seasonality


When it comes to maximizing business ROI for a certain time period, then you should create separate time-sensitive campaigns. With this method, you can easily make specific budgets for a certain time period. If it is performed well in one season, it can reactivate in the next year or season. So, will making a seasonal campaign ensure that you use the ad copy and keywords relate to the holiday or occasion for each new season.




For a successful PPC campaign, it is necessary that your account is structured appropriately. It may take some time to find which one is best for you, but once you get the best campaign running, it will definitely maximize your business ROI. Although the major structural changes can create a bad impact on the performance of the account, you should make sure that the campaign gets properly structured. If you want to get the best-structured campaign for your business then hire the leading PPC management company India for doing this. They will properly structure your campaign and help you to get a successful ad campaign.

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