How To Increase Your Search Traffic & Business Leads with SEO

By using the search engine marketing strategies, the companies are able to generate good website traffic that results in more business leads. To earn more benefits from your search marketing strategies, you can optimize your website and local presence for the organic search results or unpaid searches. Although, SEO completely supports the search advertising, as well as helps to generate a good website traffic and valuable business leads, there are many other SEO factors that you can work on. Google My Business is one of the SEO factors that are highly used by the companies these days.

By: Jitendra Singh

By adding your business information in the Google My Business, you can update your profile local searches, Maps, and organic searches on desktop and mobile. Also, ensure that the business information you have mentioned in the profile should be accurate and relevant, as it helps you to get a good search traffic to your Google business profile. It will result in the phone calls and direct customer visits that surely convert your business leads. Here are some steps that help you to set up your Google My Business.




1. Give Priority To Your Local Presence

At the time of local searches, the search engines crawl your website for finding your local information such as business name, contact number, address, etc. So, it is quite beneficial to list your contact details in your website’s structured metadata and content, as it makes easy for the search engines to find your website. This surely helps you to earn more business leads. Even with the Local SEO, ensure that local directories contain detailed information about your business that’s similarly mentioned on your website. Since, local listings showcase as a link or Map, separately from your website, it also helps to grow your online presence in the search results.


2. Update Your Website Experience

When it comes to the search engine algorithms, it favors more on a constant website experience that includes simple navigation, mobile friendliness, performance, fast downloading and valuable content. Updating your business website with these powerful features not only helps in getting better indexing in the searches but also help in keeping visitors on your website and support to convert them into potential customers.


3. Add SEO-Friendly Content

To list your website on the top organic search results related to your business, it is necessary that you make a proper keyword research. Once you obtain the most relevant keyword, create a powerful content by using it, and post it on your website or blog. Also, ensure that your content appeals your target audiences first, else there will be no surety that your target audiences will be able to search you with the exact keyword in future. Additionally, you should optimize your website with keyword-optimized metadata like tags, page titles, and short descriptions that help the search engines to find you in the searches and index your site.



By using the Google My Business, you can easily increase your business leads and convert them into sales. Implementation of the SEO strategies efficiently may result in increased number of online searches and more business leads. To learn more about the usage and benefits of SEO strategies connect with a top company SEO Services India and hire their services.

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Author : Jitendra Singh

With over more than 11 years of experience in Digital marketing services and technical writing, this author specializes on the cutting edge implementation of new era technology to offer better user experience and generate more business ROI through the effective use of SEO, SEM, PPC, Social media and web analytics in online campaigns.