How to Make an Effective Promotion Strategy for YouTube and Facebook?

If you want to make it big in Social media, Facebook and YouTube are the two platforms you should most concentrate upon. And for that, you need a NO FAIL strategy to cash most out of them. Here in this article we are discussing few tips and tricks to make an effective promotion strategy for YouTube and Facebook.

By: Sushant Singh

Introducing the YouTube Ecosystem

There is no better place in the internet after Google where you are sure to find maximum number of visitors every day. Search engine marketing being one of the most talked about services right now among marketers often considers YouTube as their hot tool. There are strong reasons behind choosing it over many other platforms. Let’s take a look over certain facts; it’s the second largest search engine in the web after Google. It gets 1 billion unique visits every month and each day 1 billion views only through mobile. Not to forget 17% of the total internet traffic comes from YouTube. Being a marketer these are string reason for utilizing the most of this platform. Above all this is the only space where you can connect with your audience through all types of content, i.e. text, video, audio.

In this write-up much of the part deals with how to utilize YouTube as a SEM channel while marketing any company, product or brand. There are few prime features which make it really a hit among the marketers and those are the ones to be talked about.

YouTube’s highlights: The points for SEM professionals to Pay Heed to

YouTube is not just a space for video sharing according to the notion of many. It is much more than that and often is even considered to offer social networking experience with embedded posting & sharing options in Facebook and twitter. According to a statistics almost 400 tweets has in them a YouTube video being posted every minute. With all this majestic power in your hand much more can be done while marketing using YouTube. Let’s discuss how to proceed.

a. Customizing the channel: One just after creating a channel for the company must pay attention in customizing it following the brand DNA. All the information and color scheme must be complying with the business website. Once all is set certain settings needs to be taken care of. The most importance of all is who will get the access to comment. This is necessary to keep away spammers.

b. Editing scope: There is much editing scope in the YouTube editor itself which gives you the chance to integrate related videos in a particular one creating a chain of content leading to your desired website door.

c. Remain engaged: When the videos are live be ready to respond to every commenter for creating a user engagement.

d. Curate content: Make use of keyword research tool and upload contents from other channel sometime related to your theme or any trending topic to remain in the spotlight.

e. Share your originals: Having your own video is always a great idea. Share business hub movements like press meets, ideas, visions and client testimonials and anything that is certain to grab the attention of your targeted audience. Also, original content puts you in the eye of Google being a quality one.

f. Promote: Make use of social media sharing feature and reach maximum users.

Facebook and its perks

Facebook  has shared the statistics telling that by the end of 2013 there was 1,230 million monthly users of it globally. If anyone is looking to start the journey of creating a loyal customer base the first place they look for it obviously Facebook . But, just by having a page in there does not mean that you have done it all. Marketers follow certain tricks to get the best out of it.

A SEM Company in India generally advocates Facebook  marketing knowing the potential of reach that it can offer.  The task of marketing is much more robust when you know what to do, where to do and how to do. Here are few tips for Facebook .

a. Content is the key: While connecting with your audience you must share useful and enticing content first of all. Best would be to come up with something original and unique about your business, service or product.

b. Free is a hit: If free is there people would surely come to like or follow your page.

c. Held Regular competitions: This creates a sense of inclusion and engagement among your fans and you too know how much they are into your updates.

d. Apps: Host apps developed for drawing people more in number to the page keeping in mind the targeted audience. If you are maintaining a cooking page, an app showing various cuisines in submission of food items might be a great crowd puller.

e. Be planned: Social media is a place to act in a planned way if you wish to get maximum reach. Create a story or social calendar and post accordingly. This maintains an interest among the fan as they remain curious to know what comes next.


All the points discussed above and some enthusiastic efforts from the end of marketer are sure to offer a brand great leverage from Facebook  and twitter space. SMM efforts are certain to get better once you adopt these.


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Author : Sushant Singh

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