How to make Budget Estimation from Keyword Search Volume Parameters?

PPC has been very much popular among the marketers, especially SMB's. Your PPC campaign budget estimation is a crucial thing and can be done only through keywords; a clear know-how of Google's keyword planner is essentially required. Google's keyword planner can also be used for SEO-focused keyword research.

By: Sujoy

Every marketer is aware of the important of planning especially when it comes to CPC and PPC. In this regards the Kenshoo has a fine research made in Q1 2014 according to which the global search ad spending has a growth rate of 15%.  All these have direct effect over the PPC approach and this will be elaborately described in this write-up.

In the Middle of an Evolution, You need to Stay Alert

Being one of the major paid marketing approaches PPC has been relatively popular among the marketers till 2012, the popularity dipped a bit after bit. However, with latest demotion of organic result effect in search engines it again has a great importance in the list of them. Even the SMB’s are taking a good deal of interest in it, as panda and penguin has made the point clear that just sharing redundant information won’t help them in lead generation.

Most importantly the audience has now become much more intelligent and does not take all the bait offered towards them without checking the credibility. To cope up with this PPC services being opted by clients are also being checked on the parameter of performance and not just reach.

Estimating the budget for your PPC campaign is a crucial thing, and that estimation can only be done through keywords.

And for that we have to have a clear understanding of Google's keyword planner. One should not confuse "Google's Keyword Tool" and "Google's Keyword Planner". While the keyword tool has been closed dow, the keyword planner can be accesed through Google Adwords account, after registration and login click on the "Tools and Analysis" to find the keyword planner. You don't really need to advertise to use that.

The tool actually comprises of three tools which one can use for SEO-focused keyword research, these are....

  • Search for new keyword and ad group ideas.
  • Get search volume for a list of keyword or group them into ad groups.
  • Multiply keyword lists to get new keyword ideas.

Now depending upon these tools you can further breakdown the keywords depending upon...

  • Your product or service.
  • Your landing page.
  • Your target group.

Budget Estimation:

As a client this sounds quite good as you have to only pay based on the performance of the service providing firm, but there are lots of catch in it. You must firstly understand all that necessary for the operation. A quick tour is here for you about what are the points that you might look for in the company whom you hire for this service in particular.

a. Flexibility of the campaign must be questioned, as in several occasions it is seen that when a company looks to grow its business a previously set amount per lead does not look good. Thus, consult with them about the initiatives they might adopt in various scenarios while in process and consider options like cost per lead, etc.

b. Keeping it simple is another great way of doing it. For covering every possible scenario sometimes the plan gets quite a bit of complex and this must be avoided at any cost. An initial model must be made which has to consist of standard scenario tackling tactics and must go ahead with that.

c. Metrics are of most importance and this calls for the right choosing of KPIs. Primarily the metrics should be focus over business growth only.

In the end, performance based PPC are making headlines as their prime focus is not to have huge number of clicks into any service page, but to make those clicks get converted into real-time sale. This is what every business owner seeks and if you are one among them, do hire a good PPC services company for better results.

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