How to Optimize a Conversion Path to Get Potential Customers?

Conversion of a web visitor from leads to sales is done through a conversion path. Optimizing the different elements of this path under a superb guidance of SEO expert can be beneficial from business revenue aspects.

By: Jitendra Singh

Conversion goals are the actions, you want the visitors to have on your website before they leave the same. A visitor's little stay on a website is termed as micro conversion while the revenue oriented visits are termed as macro conversion. Optimizing the conversions can result in a good number of macro conversions.


What is a Conversion Path?

Conversion path stands for the steps of visitors from his first visit to becoming a first-time customer. It may be concise or lengthy depending on the customer's behavior.


Elements of an effective conversion path

Every customer has its own way of choosing a path. Some go for budget, some for credibility whereas some for branding. A lead conversion path might include the following steps:


1. Brand awareness: This is the first thing which makes the customers know about the particular service or product. It involves various positive marketing tactics to raise brand awareness among the audiences.


2. Deliberation: It involves the customer's evaluation of your brand to figure out that whether you are efficiently able to fulfill his exact need. Impressive landing pages and noticeable content play a pivotal role at this stage.


3. Conversion: This is the moment when the visitor decides to go for your service or product. A well connected call-to-action button plays an important part at this step.


4. Appreciation: Once a conversion leads to a sale, you must appreciate the visitor with an impressive thank you page. This is the final stage of a positive interaction between brands and customers.

Conversion of Leads into Sales

Each customer has its own way of finding the required deal. If you are well prepared with all the concerns of conversion then the chances of getting the macro conversions get increased. Once your customer becomes a potential visitor, then your strategy should be to turn into leads and then afterward into sales. You can do so with making an impressive and credible web presence that can speak and communicate with the clients in the most promising manner.

Optimizing the content on websites, blogs, emails and social media pages all help in getting the potential conversion. Each word whether it belongs to web page content, blog or email is in itself a significant conversion path. Your business must be efficiently able to represent itself – how is it going to help the visitors in gaining maximum advantages. Each word of your business content should be personalized from buyer's perspective.

You must advertise your products or services with call-to-action buttons and also optimize the thank you page from the perspective of cross-sell or up-sell custome

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Author : Jitendra Singh

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