How to Set your SEO Strategies with Latest Penguin 3.0

The recent Penguin 3.0 update brings with it some new guidelines to be followed by webmasters. For best results post this much awaited update, webmasters need to emphasize more on linking domain relevancy, take into consideration some advanced on-page strategies, besides increasing their brand signals.

By: Sujoy

Search engine giant Google hasn't ceased rolling out its punishable updates for site owners who have taken oath of violating its guidelines. Google's latest Penguin 3.0 update is out and rolling in full flow since October.



It is the sixth release of Penguin after the earlier five Google Penguin updates. The update indeed made a good impact indeed as is evident from the volatility index shown below. See how the rollout warms up at the launch date and makes a significant impact on 18th and 19th October.



One of the most anticipated algorithm updates in the Google history, Penguin 3.0 brings with it some new guidelines to consider for site owners. If you desire to stay ahead of the curve, you need to pay attention to the following points as part of your modified SEO strategy -


1. Emphasize More On Linking Domain Relevancy – A relevant link can make a huge difference in your website's rankings. Most importantly, it must be understood that related links signify a natural link profile; that is more crucial compared to short term SERP gains. So, besides looking into the usual aspects of authority factors, take into account the site's relevancy while link prospecting.


2. Rework on On-Page SEO – You will have to rethink your on-page SEO strategies by taking into consideration some advanced on-page strategies. Most of such strategies may be focused on building a better & more useful landing page for users. Google employs suitable usability & user experience metrics to decide if a specific website page is in relevance to the query of user. Improvising content would be also essentially needed and so ensure following points mentioned below for the same -

  • Create an impressive first paragraph
  • Use sub-headers on all pages
  • Include videos, screenshots and diagrams


3. Give Importance to Brand Signals – It must be specially mentioned that brand signals play a crucial role in affecting Google's ranking factors. Google provides somewhat special treatment to big brands when its about ranking & algorithm updates.  However, its not a mandate to become a Fortune 500 company to leverage this treatment. All you need to do is to increase your brand signals by adopting following tips

  • Maintain an active profile on leading social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. Also follow suit for professional networking channels like LinkedIn. 
  • Add Google Authorship to your website. It will allow Google verified authors to communicate to Google about your responsibility for the page content.

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