Ill-planned Content Marketing can Ruin your Website's Online Reputation

Planning you website content has become immensely important as it is directly related to the reputation of your website-not only in search engines' perspective, but in user perspective as well. The article here shares a few tips to help you contrive better content for your website.

By: Pooja

A website is meant to be a place where the words work as the mouth piece of your company. Your company website displays the words that you want to communicate to your target audience. Content writing thus has been so important for SEO.

Devising the website with SEO guidelines is necessary and content is the main thing that attracts audience. So a copywriter should blend creativity, technical details as well as SEO parameters in perfect way so that it can appeal to owner of the website, the search engine as well as the target audience at the same time.

Small companies, or start ups often tend to copy content from websites that offer similar products or services as them; which is a total “no-no”. And pertaining to the recent changes that Google brought in its algorithm, having copied content in your website is a sin.

Often small organizations find it a little tricky to generate original content. Reason being lack of experience or shortage of proper resource. Copying from somewhere else may lure you as you may find it an easy solution, but the truth is it creates a negative impact on your search engine ranking.

It may be a little tedious, but it's advisable to write the content by yourself. If you do not need a regular content writer at you end, then you can go for a freelancer or even can hire a company that offers content development services.

Here are 13 quick tips to follow for preparing content that would rank:

#1 - Write for human - optimize it for robots.
#2 - Forget about keyword density - for once and all.
#3 - Use related keywords, synonyms & grammatical variations.
#4 - Write long, in-depth quality content.
#5 - Take advantage of the long tail keywords.
#6 - Provide answers in your content.
#7 - Get your content noticed and shared.
#8 - Title tags and snippets are still king.
#9 - Don't avoid Google+, it's really getting bigger.
#10 - Avoid keyword stuffing.
#11 - Don't over optimize your link text.
#12 - Remember the ALT text in your images.
#13 - Use Google suggest and Google trends to get inspiration.
Copywriting complies with all the major parameters that should be kept in mind while writing the copy. Jotting down something interesting to read-on is the main motto, but one should not forget that the main goal is to get search engine rankings.

Else what is the point if you write a spotless piece of write-up and your target audience is not getting it to read it even? So adding up SEO based keywords and key-phrases are important here.

What immense help can content writing bring in SEO, it has already been established. Content writers not only contrive SEO minded web pages, they are also involved in writing SEO articles, blogs, classified ads and press releases too.

In addition to that they are also the one who creates SEO based titles, description and Meta texts too. So relying on copywriting services in SEO is important. The traffic and business will be coming through the write-ups only

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