Internet Marketing : Discussing the New Marketing Tools with Special Reference to Mobile Apps

The sphere of Internet marketing has received a mammoth of changes, which made it strong as well as versatile. Here is an article discussing how Internet Marketing can be clubbed with mobile apps in new age SEO.

By: Geeta Tyagi

No longer are general marketing campaigns (only) yielding results in terms of increased conversion and sale to various online businesses. The sphere of digital marketing has undergone a number of turmoils and changes, for its good of-course. These turmoils and changes have been proved fruitful for web optimizers, as they needed to look for newest avenues to promote the businesses.

Social media and mobile apps are the most prominent among these avenues. And we should mention here that - with the emergence of mobile devices and changing needs and demands of people, nowadays, companies need to create more personalized, specific advertising campaigns. It is here that the messaging apps have a crucial role to play.

Let’s find out how messaging applications are redefining promotional strategy of different brands and helping them to prosper.

1. Working on Analytics

Any communication service becomes successful when companies work on Analytics to properly segment targeted audience in terms of location, language, age, gender, and so on. Also, highly important is to identify the type of mobile device the potential customers are using whether Nokia, LG, Samsung or HTC. Based on the end-results, it becomes much easier for a business to target people via creation of effective messaging campaigns.

2. Build a Gluey User Experience:

Brands need to create a unique user experience for customers to continuously keep on coming back for more. Great messaging apps are downloaded multiple times leading to higher conversions. A/B testing is one of the most important norms in the online world used by different companies to understand the visitors and generate an overall better site experience.

Professional companies run A/B test campaigns to help publishing companies target lower usage users with special content types. Also such Internet marketing companies help showbiz brands to get easily linked to a new performer in almost no time. Through such campaigns, online marketers can easily decide which type of content is highly rated and should be offered more to create a deeper engagement with the potential customers.

3. Offers One to One Engagement with the Customers:

Instead of sending email offers or discount notifications to people, it is better to use an in-app messaging to connect with the targeted audience. Remember, sending an email on special offers on winter garments to a person interested in buying gym equipment means doing a wrong thing. Messaging apps help the potential customers to connect and interact with you and in the process you get an opportunity to win over the person and his business.

4. Reward the Users:

Brands, in order to retain loyal customers, should start offering rewards at different points of time. Companies can create “Thank You” to send to all the active users as a part of their customer engagement strategy to win over them, especially in the highly competitive app market backdrop.

Brands should also have tools in place to recognize which campaigns are generating maximum highly engaged users. It then becomes quite easy for the companies to develop smart strategy to generate maximum conversions and sale.

5. Possibilities of Cross Promotion:

Cross promotion is one the most important advantages of in-app messaging. Such a type of messaging helps in making your targeted audience interested in some other app you are providing thereby strengthening your market position and reputation. Cross promotion messaging is perhaps the easiest way to create a highly interacting audience who are loyal enough to check out other messaging apps you have on offer.

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Author : Geeta Tyagi

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