Is SEO Dead? - Google's Plan for Never Ending Updates

Is SEO dead? No, it\'s very much alive and will always be. Why? Well, there are quite a few strong reasons. This article here discusses these arguments in an insightful way.

By: Brajesh

Is SEO Dead?

This query has taken the web world into storm. And why not? The kind of tweaks the Big G (read Google) is making in its algorithm, is nightmarish for optimizers across the globe.

Before we really go into the discussion whether or not SEO is really dead, let's first discuss why is Google killing SEO (if it is at all)! Well, Google's motive is NOT to kill SEO, but to offer better, relevant and useful search results to its users. And to make that happen, it has made significant changes in its algorithm to give websites with relevant, reliable and authoritative content to show up in the SERPs.

Google is not against the activities, but is against the unethical ways to carry out those activities. And here we can quote Matt Cutts, "The objective is NOT to make your links appear natural, the objective is your links ARE natural".

So is it Really Dead? - No! - Why? Read..

No, SEO is NOT dead, and its a myth. What makes us be so sure about it? Well, its the fact that Google AdWords is still up and running. AdWords is nothing but one of the purest and most evident form of SEO. Or to be precise, it is SEM. AdWords is among the most profitable tool of Google, from which it makes junk of money. And we all know that the core of AdWords is keywords, on which businesses across the globe bid to gain visibility in search results.

So, why is Google battling SEO ? The answer is simple, because they do not want any mess on their search results which may appear annoying & inconvenient to the users. And as SEO can actually effect the number of bids on AdWords, Google dislikes it. Precisely, SEO is a pain, but Google cannot get rid of it  - ever.

SEO companies should not be bothered about the updates that Google throws regularly. Rather, they should toss their strategies according to the changes it brings. After all, if we want to or need to do it, we should do it in the right way.

So it's not Dead, then what is the “Google” way of doing it?

First of all, the content of your  website must be clear and there should be some kind of regular update on your website. Updating your website with new materials at regular intervals is a very important job, as most of the search engines prefer fresh content.

Few techniques very commonly used in this regard are optimizing the site for fast local search, diversifying the links, Building Backlinks, and Enlarging the traffic source to provide the crawlers natural links to other contents.

Analytics Playing a Huge Part in SEO Nowadays:

Recent studies show that old and regular visitors must be valued. Sometimes, companies focus too much only on getting new traffic that they forget about the visitors who can be relied upon. Improving would also reduce the foul play involved in optimization. Most of the browsers are updating their algorithms like Google did with their new 'Penguin' update. 

It promises to reduce over aggressive techniques like keyword stuffing, cloaking, and deliberate creation of duplicate content. Another new technique being used nowadays by developers is having RSS links back to their sites just to take advantage of RSS scrapers. SMO (Social Media Optimization) is also a very important part of this strategy.

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