Linkedin Paid Campaigns : Horizon of Lead Generation via Social Media

LinkedIn has grew as a professional social networking site in more than one way; and it is paid campaigns are one of the reasons why it is being loved by the business owners so much these days. The article here puts better light on the scenario.

By: Pooja

LinkedIn is lot more than a bunch of resumes; with 100+ million users (and still counting) - LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most flourished social media sites which works best for B2B sectors. The platform has proven itself as one of the most comprehensive lead generation source for companies. In 2011 LinkedIn's pad advertisement program has actually helped companies to grow their revenue at a faster rate than Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

Compared to Facebook and Google Adwords, LinkedIn offer much better ad results and better click through rates for B2B companies. So, what it takes to build a perfect LinkedIn paid campaign? Let's discuss the crucial steps to build a flawless LinkedIn paid campaign.


Building Buyer Personas:

Identifying and understanding the buyer personas are the first steps for an ad campaign. Attributes like ideal verticals, geography, function (title), company or what LinkedIn Groups the targets follow should be considered to determine your target personas. Keeping these things in-line you will get an idea of the route your ads should be running.


Identify the Problem Area:

To make a successful ad, you need to understand that people come to web for a solution to their problems or queries, or to get entertained. Now when you know what your target group really searches for when they are in LinkedIn, you can actually mold your ad accordingly and lure your audiences in a better way.


Offer Answers to their Queries in your Landing Page:
Each landing page developed for the campaign should follow best practices for conversion and have a track-able URL that identifies traffic from the LinkedIn ad. Developing content according to "quid pro quo transaction" for  the landing page is the most advisable thing, that would work for you.


A/B Testing Landing Pages:

Devising two variants of a landing page is advisable, as it would help you understand which one has the better conversation rate. And it is advisable to continue this testing till the time your campaign will run.


Lead Nurturing Campaign:

A survey by HubSpot has shown that as many as 96% of first time website visitors do not come to buy. These people can be converted if nurtured well through email marketing and help them consume your content and know your brand better.

Finally, paying attention to your metrics is also necessary to whether your overall marketing strategies worked or not and have you achieved or went closer to your business goals or not. And to count the metrics, you can measure CTR as well as the leads; depending upon your landing page variants. 

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Author : Pooja

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