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Google AdWords is becoming more advanced with the each passing day. With the help of top notch competitive tips of PPC Advertising India you can make your campaign more robust and accelerate your business ROI exponentially.

By: Geeta Tyagi

Every year, there are billions of hits on Google search in which more than half of searches happen on smart devices. When you will ask people to describe the major role of smartphones in their lives, they used phrases like 'butler' and 'lifeline'. In order to achieve your business objectives, you need to focus, from smart phones to tablets and laptop environment to desktop PCs simultaneously.



To meet such conditions, Google has been completely redesigned its tool 'Google AdWords'. This is really crucial for marketers to bridge between the digital and physical worlds. Location based mobile searches are growing more than 50% in comparison to all other searches. it’s crystal clear, customers are moving seamlessly between online and offline experiences. So, Google AdWords redefined its services and share latest AdWords features with marketers.
1. Extended headlines become the norm: There is a sharp difference in the text ads. Now text ads will be a two combined 30 character headline and the total number of character count will be 80 in the description copy.

2. Introduce additional callout text below your ad: The callout ad extension allows you to introduce additional text with your search ads. This lets you provide extensive information about your business vision and mission, including your business products and services you offer.It appears in the ads at the top as well as at the bottom of Google search results. Introducing add callouts during the creation of your  campaign is really fruitful for your business. Additionally, you can alter your descriptive text, and monitor how ads that contain callouts perform in the Ad extensions tab.

3. Structured Snippets: It allows your ads to limelight peculiar aspects of your products and services. These ad extensions offer context on the nature and different sorts of your services and products before visitors click through to your site.

4. Importance of Seller Ratings: Seller ratings works on the basis of an automated extension that let the visitor know which advertisers are eminently rated for quality work and services. This rating helps visitors to make their purchasing decisions effectively. Additionally, it is helpful to earn more authentic  leads as well as increase your ad performance.


5. Introduce local business details with location extensions: This extension includes your business address, phone number, and other information like business working hours and ratings.

Conclusion: These all aforementioned features will offer you an additional advantages for your business.  PPC Advertising India is more prominent for such sort of unique services. So, if you are  looking for a professional having extensive knowledge in these robust features of Goggle AdWords, then you must hire an experience one from leading digital marketing service provider, 'SynapseInteractive'.

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