Facebook Launches Call-to-Action Buttons - Online Businesses to Expect Better Conversions Now !

Social networking major Facebook yesterday announced its seven "Call-to-Action" (CTA) buttons to be implemented over the pages. Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign Up and Watch Video are the seven CTA buttons added currently; more buttons may be released in future. Dollar Shave Club was granted beta access to this new Facebook feature and they chose to have a "Sign Up" button on their page. The online retailer later admitted conversion of 2.5x more users after adding the button.

Among the 7 CTA options available, it would be possible for page admins to choose one and link it to a destination of their choice, whether another Facebook page or some website. The CTA button will be visible at a fixed location; on the cover photo at the left side of the “Like” button. As per reports, Facebook's approach to monitoring these links would be the same as has been for its current links. Facebook has even allowed users to report pages featuring malicious links.

Facebook's CTA buttons are expected to drive better leads & conversions for businesses of all sizes owing to their capability to direct the user from the Facebook page of a business to its specific website. All CTA buttons are planned to be initially rolled out in the US and then later on worldwide in 2015. So, even if some users don't see these buttons on their page, they can relax as these will be reaching them soon.

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