The Challenge is the US website of Clerical shirts uk, England's leading supplier of clergy shirts and collars. offers a large selection of clergy shirts and collars.


The challenge was to optimize the website and get improved ranking in for the following sets of keywords:


  • Clergy collars

  • Clerical collars

  • Collar clergy

  • Collar clerical

  • Clerical shirts

  • Clergy apparel

  • clergy shirts


The Response


The team worked out a series of activities such as work analysis, website analysis & refinements, on-page optimization and off-page optimization. With our dedicated efforts, we attained the desired results within the promised time-span and the website has excelled in terms of:


  • Incoming Traffic

  • Rankings

  • Return on investment (ROI)



Keywords PerformanceGoogle

Keywords Before After
Clergy collars NA 7
Clerical collars NA 9
Collar clergy NA 9
Collar clerical NA 10
Clerical shirts NA 33
Clergy apparel NA 41
clergy shirts NA 71
Last updated : Feb 04, 2010
*Depending upon search engines algorithm, the ranking of a website is subject to go up or down and may vary on different dates.