Web and Landing Pages

The Challenge: 

Initially the client approached Synapse Interactive with a requirement to develop 12 web pages (and 12 additional landing pages later on). We were to deliver the initial 12 pages within ten business days. Additionally, the client wanted us to develop 5 technical articles + 5 blogs and one webpage. 

The Response: 

We completed the web pages writing task within the stipulated time. Our efforts, of both timely delivery and quality, were appreciated by the client who wanted us to develop 12 more landing pages for his website. We delivered the remaining pages as well much before the stipulated time.  

Once these were delivered successfully, client contacted us again for further writing work that included one webpage writing, 5 technical articles and 5 technical blogs writing. 

We successfully delivered all the 25 web pages/ landing pages, blogs and articles within the scheduled time frame. 



Last updated : Aug 11, 2011