Eastcoastvette.com is a highly competitive domain for buying Corvette parts and Corvette accessories online. Our sustained Internet marketing efforts helped www.Eastcoastvette.com to get better ranking than before and we have also managed to bring targeted traffic to the website.


Its sister website WestCoastCorvette.com represents a domain for online selling of used Corvette parts cars. WestCoastCorvette.com extends the finest Corvettes parts in the country with over 30 in stock and new arrivals daily. Our continual SEO efforts helped WestCoastCorvette.com to get substantial ranking and drawing targeted traffic.


The Challenge:


Our task was to promote Eastcoastvette.com and WestCoastCorvette.com on Google.com. The challenge was to bring in an optimization process to get keywords attain higher ranking on Google.com.

The Response :

The SEO team at SynapseIndia accepted the challenge. Initially we were optimizing to achieve good reputation on the search engines. Later we have brought in few new keywords and have ensured rapid improvement. The target location was USA for Google.com. The SEO team began with competition analysis and later proceeded with effective on-page and off-page SEO practices. We revised the existing content of the website and have incorporated the required keywords depending upon the standard proximity and prominence.


Our dedicated efforts yielded desired results within the stipulated time span. The website started excelling of:


  • Incoming traffic

  • Google ranking

  • Search engine result page ranking

Measured Steps:


Our strategic Internet marketing efforts (including On Page & Off Page optimization) helped Eastcoastvette.com and WestCoastCorvette.com gain ranking almost immediately. Following are the list of activities that we have taken to ensure improvement in its ranking status:

On Page Optimization

  • Website analysis and SEO refinement suggestions

  • Content Optimization

  • Title & meta description optimization

  • Link optimization

  • Image optimization

  • SEO specific tag

  • Keywords optimization

  • Off Page Optimization

  • Article publishing

  • Blog posting at different blog sites

  • Submission in popular directories

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Social Media Marketing

The Result:


Our strategic SEO steps helped Eastcoastvette.com and WestCoastCorvette.com experience:

  • Improved search engine ranking on all competitive keywords

  • Improved traffic inflow

Keywords PerformanceGoogle US

Keywords Before After
Corvette Accessories 6 5
Corvette Performance Parts 9 3
Corvette Rims 22 8
Corvette Wheels 16 9
Corvette Hood Not in 100 14
Corvette Parts 25 19
Corvette Exhaust 44 37
Corvette Car Covers 58 40
Corvette For Sale 56 13
Corvettes For Sale 48 20
Used Corvettes For Sale 59 24
Used Corvette For Sale 61 23
Last updated : Oct 19, 2010
*Depending upon search engines algorithm, the ranking of a website is subject to go up or down and may vary on different dates.