Project Scope:

Acquire 200 Reciprocal/ Non reciprocal links/month Manually from Industry Relevant Websites

Time Frame:

2 months

The Challenge: offers a broad portfolio of products including insurance, banking , mortgages & financial services combined with a new online jobs service. Through his website, he wanted to create awareness among professionals by offering adequate products & services.

    * Clients wants link from proper relevant industry and quality sites
    * Revolving anchor text and URL
    * Return on investment (ROI) to be increased

Our Response:

Since the website is very much specific on its services and getting the links from other websites which directly gives the boost to the client\\\'s services was a bit tough job. Our link team has analyzed the website and after that we have target the specific market and the areas where the services provided by the client gets more value. We have achieved the links from the quality and relevant theme websites, which have increased the traffic and visibility of the website in the major search engine.

The Results:

    * Internal pages are well indexed by major search engines
    * Favorably ranked in major search engines with targeted keywords
    * Enjoys increased traffic/visitors

Last updated : Feb 22, 2008