Project Scope:
Acquire 200 Reciprocal/ Non reciprocal links/month Manually From Industry Relevant Websites

Time Frame:
2 months

The Challenge: offers a variety of business insurance products and financial services aimed at protecting freelance contractors in the U.K. Through his website, the client wants to create awareness on insurance products for freelance contractors and reach out to them with the numerous products and

services being offered.

    * Clients wants link from proper relevant industry and quality sites
    * Revolving anchor text and URL
    * Return on investment (ROI) to be increased

Our Response:
We have to increase the visibility of the client's website and improve the page rank of the internal pages. Our main focus was on to increase the traffic of each and every page of the website, so our link team has built the link for the internal pages which are specific to particular services. As a result, we attained the desired page rank and the traffic has also increased.

The Results:

    * Internal pages are well indexed by major search engines
    * Favorably ranked in major search engines with targeted keywords
    * Enjoys increased traffic/visitors

Last updated : Feb 22, 2008