Interior Deluxe is one of the leading stockists offers an extensive selection of modern light fixtures from top designers, brands, and manufacturers that have the ability to transform any home into an beautiful ambience.

The Challenge:

The website needs top pages ranking for all the targeted keywords on its targeted location (which is US) for Google SERPs, so we have to build higher reputation in search engine when SynapseInteractive team was approached by the client.

Measured Steps:

For , we took below mention steps within our optimization practices.



  • Extracted a set of relevant keywords for the website and sent it to client for  review.
  • Suggestion made to client to optimize the webpage content of the website.
  • Suggested and implement some onpage refinements on the website.


  • Developed SEO optimized title and meta description on the website pages.
  • Setup SEO account for the website.
  • Developer & Implemented SEO optimized content on targeted pages of the website.
  • Analyzed Google analytics & webmaster accounts for the website.

The Result:

Our strategic SEO steps helped experience:

  • All keywords are appearing in top pages of Google SERPs
  • Improved traffic inflow

Keywords PerformanceGoogle US

Keywords Before After
dining table lighting 2 2
italian lighting 2 2
Restaurant lighting 3 3
contemporary chandeliers 15 15
European lighting NA 3
Luxury lighting NA 4
modern light fixtures 7 6
contemporary lighting fixtures 7 7
modern lighting fixtures 7 7
modern chandeliers 7 14
contemporary outdoor lighting 7 10
Modern outdoor lighting 8 11
contemporary lighting 12 14
Modern bathroom lighting NA 12
Modern ceiling lights NA 14
Ingo Maurer lighting NA 6
Architectural lighting NA NA
Modern home lighting NA 7
Modern lighting 18 16
Last updated : Mar 26, 2013
*Depending upon search engines algorithm, the ranking of a website is subject to go up or down and may vary on different dates.