Project Scope:
Acquire 100 Reciprocal/Non reciprocal links/month Manually from Industry Relevant Websites

Time Frame:
Per month

The Challenge:
www.tarlowdesign.com serves as a one-stop shop for all product development needs, starting from initial product evaluation to final manufactured product in the box. The site helps prepare patents and works with its clients to plan a successful marketing or licensing campaign. The client waned to get the best possible visibility of the website in major search engines. The client wanted:

    * Better PR and links from high search engine placed Doctors websites
    * Increase the popularity of the website
    * Internal Page linking
    * Revolving anchor text and URL
    * Country specific links

Our Response:
The team undertook a detailed research in forums, articles, blogs, and relevant data repositories to find out ways in which this could be achieved

    * Achieved the quality and relevant links within the time frame
    * Page Ranking has increased in Google
    * Internal pages are well indexed by major search engines
    * Traffic increased

The Results:

    * Internal pages are well indexed by major search engines
    * Is favorably ranked in major search engines with targeted keywords
    * Enjoys increased traffic/visitors

Last updated : Feb 22, 2008