Project Scope:
Acquire 200 Reciprocal/Non reciprocal links/month Manually from Industry Relevant Websites

Time Frame:
2 months

The Challenge: features trivia facts, factoids, trivia quizzes, trivia games, and much more to interested users. Membership to the website is free and members are entitled to participate in various trivia games, quizzes, and competitions. The client regularly keeps on updating the website, the games, information, and quizzes so that returning visitors always get something new to do.

Client Wanted:

    * Increase the popularity of the website globally
    * Quality and relevant links from the reputed sites
    * Revolving anchor text and URL
    * Game specific sites links
    * Internal page URL exposure

Our Response: is the very big game portal and the popular site. Since the domain name is really unique, our team made sure that our aggressive link exchange do not cause any penalty to the website.

    * Achieved the quality and relevant links within the time frame
    * Page Ranking has increased in Google
    * Internal pages are well indexed by major search engines
    * Traffic increased

The Results:

    * Incoming Traffic increased
    * Ranking in all major search engines
    * Internal pages are well indexed by major search engines

Last updated : Feb 22, 2008