About TruConnection: is a dating site directed towards people from Boston & New York. It provides a new approach to online dating, where the website allows its users to express themselves creatively through various artworks like writing, photography etc.

The Challenge: wanted rapid improvement on SERP results positioning om (US). Although the theme of the website is common, but it has a different approach towards the the business, so the task is a little tricky.

Measured Steps:

We took the challenge and have started taking some concrete steps. First we've done a comparative study about it's competitors and have taken out a list of competitive keywords. We've also suggested the client to develop few additional pages. Later we've also drafted keyword based content for them and have also developed Meta tags for them so that we can promote them on search engines.

In addition to these on page activities, we have also carried out few off page tasks like article and blog writing/publishing, directory submission, social bookmarking etc. our strategic Internet marketing solutions are helping TruConnection to reach it's desired SERP position. We are still in a process to optimize it to get better results.

Keywords PerformanceGoogle US

Keywords Before After
dating in boston NA 4
Dating sites Boston NA 6
dating writers NA 7
meet people New York NA 7
single in Boston NA 8
Online dating ranking NA 10
dating site boston NA 10
singles nyc NA 10
dating sites nyc NA 10
boston singles NA 11
dating creative NA 11
dating in nyc NA 13
dating site nyc NA 14
dating in ny NA 14
singles ny NA 19
dating in new york city NA 19
singles boston NA 29
singles massachusetts NA NA
Trueconnection NA NA
True Connection NA NA
Last updated : Mar 26, 2012
*Depending upon search engines algorithm, the ranking of a website is subject to go up or down and may vary on different dates.