U Compare Cosmetic Surgery

Project Scope:
Acquire 50 Reciprocal/Non reciprocal links/month Manually from Industry Relevant Websites

Time Frame:
Per month

The Challenge:
Ucompare-cosmeticsurgery.co.uk is a website based on information related to cosmetic surgery , services related to cosmetic surgery and the procedures offered.

The client wanted:

    * Better PR and links from high search engine placed doctors websites
    * Increase the popularity of the website
    * Internal Page linking
    * Revolving anchor text and URL
    * Country specific links

Our Response:
The link team started working on the websites for link exchange initially by identifying the effectiveness of the websites with respect to search engines.

    * Achieved the quality and relevant links within the time frame
    * Page Ranking has increased in Google
    * Internal pages are well indexed by major search engines
    * Traffic increased

The Results:

    * Ranked in major search engines
    * Regularly being cached and indexed by major search engine crawlers
    * Traffic Increased
    * Return on investment (ROI) Increased
    * Sales increased

Last updated : Feb 22, 2008