Project Scope:
To acquire 220 non-reciprocal links/month from industry-relevant websites.

Time Frame:
Four months

The Challenge:
The client had a website called "http://www.wildapricot.com/." The website is in business of making easy-to-use applications for client companies. In order to increase traffic of the website, the client wanted 220 one-way links from relevant sites in the slot of (40 + 40 + 40 + 100) links per month.

Besides getting quality 220 one-way links for the site, we undertook a task that focused on promotion of internal pages and implementation of revolving text and URL.

Our Response:
We successfully achieved the target of 220 quality one-way links within the time frame. Through our planned endeavor, the site started getting improved traffic in major search engines.

The Results:

    * Increase in incoming traffic
    * Ranking in all major search engines
    * Indexing of the internal pages by major search engines

Last updated : Nov 25, 2008