Bosco Plumbing

The Challenge:

Bosco Plumbing was looking for speedy improvement in its SERP results positioning on A set of highly competitive keywords were the major hindrances in helping Bosco achieve its goal.

About the Company:

Bosco Plumbing ( offers complete plumbing services like plumbing repairs, residential plumbing and plumbing supplies for residents around Toronto. It serves as a local plumber delivering services concerning to maintenance of toilet waste pipes, sinks and drain line blockages.

We had to promote the website for top page rankings in

Measured Steps:

SynapseInteractive created a blueprint of the steps to be taken and worked with the internet marketing team to put the aggressive strategies into action targeting Canadian visitors. The solution helped Bosco plumbing experience boost in its organic search rankings, traffic and revenue.

Within 6 months of working with SynapseInteractive, Bosco Pumbing started to enjoy Page 1 ranking on for several of the highly competitive keywords

Before working with SynapseInteractive, internal URLs appearing in the search results were unorganized. E.g. on searches for 'plumber Mississauga', the pages that got listed on the first few results pages were elaborating services for 'Toronto, Milton or other locations of Canada. SynapseInteractive SEO team implemented an organic search strategy to fix that problem and ensure that only appropriate location URL appears in search results pages of

The Result:

SynapseInteractive's SEO experts helped the site achieve top page ranking for 81 highly competitive keywords.

We accomplished our target by participating in activities enumerated below: 

Website analysis and refinement suggestions

Unique Title and Meta development for core pages of the website

Image optimization

Interlinking with relevant keywords

Header Tag optimization (h1)

Article writing and publishing

Blog writing and posting at Blogger and WordPress

One-way link building

Directory submission

Social bookmarking

SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Experiencing the positive boost in its ranking, Bosco Plumbing doubled its contract time with SynapseInteractive and continues to honor the internet marketing (as well as the design and development) team with requirement for additional services and supports.

Bosco Plumbing enjoys a tremendous boost in its ROI, and now is a dominant player in Canadian plumbing industry. We can do the same for you too. While millions of searches are performed online, and over 90% of your prospective customers continue to click on the first few listings of the search results, where do you rank? Let SynapseInteractive SEO team help you.

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Keywords Before After
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Roberto Luongo Plumber NA 1
Roberto Luongo drain plumber NA 1
Roberto Luongo the Plumber NA 2
call the plumber Roberto Luongo plumber NA 1
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local plumber in Toronto NA 1
local plumber Roberto Luongo NA 1
Roberto Luongo plumbing services NA 1
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residential plumber Roberto Luongo NA 1
my plumber Roberto Luongo NA 1
24 hour plumbers Roberto Luongo NA 1
drain repair 1 1
Plumber Roberto Luongo NA 1
plumber in orangeville 3 3
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plumber orangeville 6 3
plumber in milton 3 3
emergency plumbing services 1 1
plumbing brampton 4 3
plumber mississauga 4 3
milton plumbing 3 3
orangeville plumbing 6 3
plumber in mississauga 5 3
orangeville plumber 3 3
plumbing in milton 4 5
georgetown plumber 4 3
plumbing in brampton 4 3
plumber in brampton 3 3
plumber in georgetown 3 2
brampton plumbing 6 4
brampton plumber 5 3
Plumbing in orangeville 11 3
unblock drains 5 4
plumber brampton 3 3
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mississauga plumber 5 4
residential plumbing 3 5
etobicoke plumbing 8 4
plumbing georgetown 77 5
plumbing repairs 4 5
barrie plumbing 11 6
georgetown plumbing 6 3
etobicoke plumber 7 5
Plumbing orangeville 16 4
sewer line repair 6 5
oakville plumber 5 4
plumbing Mississauga 12 7
plumber in oakville 6 4
oakville plumbing 7 7
Plumber oakville 6 5
Plumbing etobicoke 9 6
Plumbing in etobicoke 20 6
barrie plumber 4 7
plumbing oakville 7 5
plumbing barrie 10 8
plumbing milton 4 6
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plumber etobicoke 9 7
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plumber in barrie 6 7
plumber in etobicoke 8 6
plumbers in toronto 12 10
plumbing in georgetown 63 8
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plumbers toronto 11 9
plumbing toronto 13 9
plumbing in toronto 14 9
toronto plumber 11 9
plumbing in Mississauga 13 9
plumber in toronto 11 10
plumbing in barrie 16 10
toronto plumbing 13 9
plumber toronto 11 9
Mississauga plumbing 12 10
unclog drains 17 10
Last updated : May 24, 2010
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